colour stories : Meredith Crawford

Remember a few weeks ago I did a 'What's In My Yarn Bag?' interview for lovely Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl? Well when Meredith first asked me if I would like to do it for her I immediately said yes, but on the condition that she would come and be a guest here to share her lovely colour story. Of course she enthusiastically agreed and here is her simply lovely, fresh and uplifting colour story. Let me hand you over to Meredith...

colour stories : Meredith Crawford | Emma Lamb

"Hello lovely Emma Lamb readers! I am so honored that Emma asked me to participate in her Colour Story series. I share Emma’s love for colorful fibres and talk about it on my blog, One Sheepish Girl. When I design a new pattern I am always inspired by a bright and cheerful color palette. For my Colour Story I collected some of my favorite blue and green photos and reflected on the meanings associated with these hues.

colour stories : Meredith Crawford | Emma Lamb
colour stories : Meredith Crawford | Emma Lamb

Ever since I was a little girl, I always answered “Blue!” when asked about my favorite color. When the sky is clear and the only visible color is a bright blue, I can’t help but smile. I appreciate cloudy days when a blue-grey blanket dims the sun, allowing the world, and my racing mind, to quiet down a bit. Whenever I am in doubt or lacking inspiration on a new knit or crochet project, I turn to my trusty blue yarn palette. I recently used a lighter blue yarn when experimenting with crocodile stitch. I love how the rows of scallops resemble the blue waves of the ocean. I usually pair blue yarns with green, my second favorite color. Green is so happy and fresh. I recently completed a giant granny square blanket with an emerald green stripe that stands out against the creams, greys, and light blues. I enjoy using color in my work and capturing color with my camera in the world around me. Whether it is a blue bicycle parked in front of my favorite coffee shop or a batch of blueberry jam filled biscuits cooling on my kitchen counter, colorful inspiration is always available. I just have to remind myself to open my eyes and experience the colorful world outside my front door."

colour stories : Meredith Crawford | Emma Lamb
All images: Meredith Crawford // blog - facebook - twitter - instagram

"When the sky is clear and the only visible color is a bright blue, I can’t help but smile." ...I could not agree more! Thank you so much dearest Meredith for sharing your beautiful colour story, it feels like a wonderful breath of fresh air to me today. Just what I needed!

Emma, x

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  1. I love Meredith's work! Crocodile stitch is just awesome, isn't it?

  2. I came across One Sheepish Girl and book marked it the other day...such a pretty blog. Like you I have always been attracted to blues.. lately though I have been leaning towards pinks and purples...probably because I live with the hubby, two boys, two male dogs and even a male cat! lol

  3. I absolute LOVE Meredith's work and her blog. Such a lovely colour story and yes love the crocodile stitch. Hannapat

  4. Love your blog! I am so glad I found it. Your pillows are so nice and the buttons ever so sweet.

    Your new follower,


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