making everyday beautiful : spring!?

I know I'm not the only one who thinks the world is all back to front, upside down at the moment! If you haven't heard, huge parts of the UK are shivering under huge piles of snow at the moment. The sudden downfall and wild winds have caused 20ft drifts of snow that trapped motorists in their cars. Power lines have collapsed under the weight of the snow and so many people are without electricity - no heating, hot water or means of hot food until the emergency services can get generators to them! Kinda crazy for the UK even in the heart of winter, but in spring... stunning! Here in Edinburgh there's barely been a flutter, although the Pentland Hills are looking spectacularly snowy, but it's blimmen' cold!

making everyday beautiful : spring!? | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. cocon work, 2. andrea creates, 3. sonja-ksu, 4., 5. Trisha Brink Design

So in an effort to warm things up a wee bit and remind us that spring is sure to arrive one day... I have picked out this colourful collection of favourites from 'making everyday beautiful'. My cockles are feeling a wee bit warmer already (even if my toes are still a little numb!), how about yours!?

Emma, x

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  1. We are in the same boat over here across the pond I the mid Atlantic States. I will be preparing Easter goodies today while outside a blanket of snow is falling ! Thanks for the glimpse of Spring!

    1. Oh, not you too Donna!? All this cold snowy weather is too crazy, but I think staying indoors for a wee bit of Easter decorating sounds perfect! x

  2. these are so pretty~i am loving the granny squares!!
    thank you so much for featuring my spool collection :)

    1. Thank you dearest Andrea! I adore your beautifully organised spool collection, it must be so uplifting to have all that gorgeous colour on display in your studio!? xx

  3. Lovely colors!!!
    ♥ Ana BC

  4. Yes, it's way too cold here today as well! Spring, hello? We have an Easter Egg hunt this Saturday....

  5. Really cold here today can't believe it's spring and I've got a big family Easter egg hunt at the weekend. Thank you for bringing a little bit of spring indoors x


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