making everyday beautiful : crafting in colour

making everyday beautiful : crafting in colour | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Retro_Mama, 2. cafe noHut, 3. fox-and-fern, 4. a n a ♥, 5. jasna.janekovic, 6. AnnieDesign, 7. fox-and-fern

Oh, I am so in need of a bright and cheerful colour burst this cold and dreary Monday morning! It seems like the arrival of spring has been put on hold at the moment and there's a ton of snow forecast for us over the next couple of days. My hot water bottle had been tucked away in the back of the wardrobe, but this weekend it came out to warm my chilly fingers while crocheting. I'm thinking I may need another one for my toes!

But I'm not letting it dampen my spirits too much, especially not after going to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival on Saturday. Wow! It was amazing. Totally amazing. So many people turned out for it (over 1600 people!), there were some fabulous stalls and I got to meet some very lovely people. I took a whole bunch of photos, which I need to sort through today, and bought a whole pile of goodies, which I need to photograph today too... light permitting! I shall share all later in the week.

Until then enjoy these uplifting, colourful crafty images from 'making everyday beautiful' and happy Monday!
Emma, x

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  1. I was browsing the international magazine stands at a NYC Barnes & Noble shop today...and spotted a new Mollie Makes magazine. Straightaway I knew that the crocheted bouquet on the cover was your work!

    Bravo to you. (I'm also thrilled to see that my friend Gretel Parker is also featured in this issue.)

    I am very much looking forward to having a closer look at the MM and also seeing your upcoming post about the Yarn Festival.

    Best wishes!

  2. Oh, you are so lucky to be there for the Yarn Festival! There are so many beautiful links here, thank you!

  3. oo the yarn festival just looked so gorgeous, I am going to go next year! thanks for a lovely inspiring post's snowed here again! we soo need the colours!x

  4. Love all the colorful pics!

  5. Thanks for the eye candy! And, I agree, time for some warm weather please!

  6. Yes, what is it with the weather??? One day sunshine and the kids drag out all their bicycles and roller skates to play, the next we wake up with -5˚C and a good 6 inches of snow. I just don't get it. We really need some warm sunny days now. And some bright yummy color therapy in nature. Love the buttons from Retro Mama. I am hunting for vintage buttons like that, find it very hard to find. Thanks for sharing and Happy Thursday.
    My Rose Valley


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