good reads : spring Gatherings

Hello, hello! I am in total procrastination mode today, the very minute I woke up this morning I felt it deep in my bones. As soon as I saw the layer of snow over Edinburgh's rooftops I just wanted to go into hibernation mode, you know? Spend the day wrapped up in a cosy blanket with my knitting and crochet and lots of hot tea. But there is much to be done; mountains of paperwork that needs tackling before the Easter break, lots of photos to edit, an exciting interview thingy to write and lots of other 'stuff'.

So what am I doing? Well, none of that of course! Instead I'm chatting on FB, drinking tea and eating biscuits while pondering over the latest issue of Gatherings... ha! I'm also managing to pull this blog post together, so I'm definitely counting that as a win!

Have you seen the spring issue of Gatherings yet? It is very yummy, completely overflowing with lots of springy goodness and fabulous colour...

Good reads : Gatherings, Spring 2013... completely overflowing with lots of springy goodness and fresh colour! | Emma Lamb

I am super happy to have two of my ladies, Polly and Luella, featured amongst it's pages too. Gatherings' resident Market Editor, the wonderful Trisha Brink included them in her Spring 2013 trend report. So exciting, thank you Miss Trisha!

With the snow blowing horizontally past my window just now all I want to do is immerse myself in these colourful pages, soak up all those delicious vintage pastel tones and escape to a world where it's forever spring. I want to redecorate my whole house with pretty floral fabrics, hang colourful bunting from every shelf and fill every vase with fresh cut flowers. First things first though, I need to finish the painting jobs I started at the weekend. One or two things are getting a fresh coat of bright white and the whole place is filled with the smell of gloss paint. I kinda love that smell!

But we're back to that procrastination thingy again and the pile of other work I should be doing. Ho-hum! I'll be sure to give myself a good pep talk after the next pot of tea...

Emma, x

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  1. I know exactly how you feel...I had a procrastination day yesterday and feel much better for it...I've got so much more done today but there are still the paper piles of dread to be tackled. Good luck with yours! :-)

    1. Thank you Julia, I'm hoping tomorrow will be better for me too... every now and then I think a wee bit of procrastination is a must! Can't imagine I'll feel any more eager to tackle the paperwork though... it is the worst job! I think we both need a PA ;) xx

  2. A PA is a brilliant idea...I'd be too embarrassed by the state of my paperwork to let them see it though! ;-)

  3. Yip in the same zone today, started off with my intentions firmly in place, but then it all went out the window and my exact word to summarise was PROCRASTINATION!! The Gatherings magazine is new on me, thanks for sharing. Love all the granny chic stuff. A friend got me the book for Christmas and I love it. Hannapat xxx

  4. I think you should just go with it - the blanket and the knitting are calling and I've put the kettle on for you - have a good day x

  5. everyone needs a break to recharge their creative batteries :)
    have a super day :)

  6. I agree, sometimes you need a day of drinking tea and reading magazines!

  7. That makes two of us in P mode! Mind you I did summon up enough energy to read that lovely interview with you on One Sheepish Girl's blog. I was so taken with your pretty Rowan crochet wrap that I've got the pattern and yarn and once I shake off the dreaded procrastination it'll be my Easter (and beyond!) project. Have you finished yours yet?

    I love this bog post post too, so many pretty flowers, very inspiring.

    Linda xx

  8. It looks like you found the perfect spot to dive into! Those pages are gorgeous! So springy! I'm going to follow your lead and go make myself another pot of tea!

  9. Lovely Miss Emma, thank-you ever so much for the sweet post about Gatherings. I've been trying to get over here for over a day myself to say so. I too have been painting up a storm & doing my fair share of "pottling" as Miss Tif would have it. I hope that you will have your fair share of sunshine soon & that the paperwork fairies will get the worst of the piles sorted for you! Thanks so much again for your lovely contributions to the Market Report...because I wouldn't have much to report on if it weren't for lovely folk just like you!

  10. Yes, thank you Emma for your continued support of Gatherings. We love all that you do! Bests to you and yours this Easter Weekend.


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