making everyday beautiful : lingering shadows

making everyday beautiful : lingering shadows | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. nanaCompany, 2. enhabiten, 3. StitchedInColor, 4. rainingsheep, 5. knitalatte11, 6. haru's paper celebration!, 7. erica hogenbirk

Today I am quite smitten with all these dark and shadowy images from 'making everyday beautiful'. Often I curate these weekly collections in response to my mood of the moment so you can be forgiven for thinking I'm in a dark and moody grump today... ha! But no, this morning when flicking through the group I noticed and lot of beautiful shadowy images and deep black tones. What struck me most about these images is that way that those deep moody blacks make even the tiniest snippet of colour really zing. These images have such a vibrancy and I'm really loving that today.

Happy Monday!
Emma, x

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  1. beautiful selection! I love the first image.

  2. Beautiful images!
    Honored to be one of them!!
    thanks Emma!!

    1. Erica, I really love your dark and moody images of these vase covers... they work so perfectly with your designs! xx

  3. Yes, I'm honored too. Thanks for including me! That's exactly what I like about dark backgrounds - they really let the colors shine.

  4. Love these contrasts and then the sudden bursts of colour! So beautiful!


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