good reads : Oh Marie!

Have you discovered Oh Marie! yet? If you haven't your in for a real treat! I know, I'm so good to you guys... ;)

Oh Marie! is an incredible new digital magazine from the equally incredible Marlous Snijder, of Planet Fur fame. You'll most likely recognise her adorable animal friendly trophy heads right away, and if you're anything like me you will already be a huge fan of her blog and staying up to date with her most recent thrifty finds... especially if that find just happens to be the most beautiful Kokeshi doll you've ever seen! Anyway, back to Oh Marie!...

good reads : Oh Marie! #1 Alpine Kitsch | Emma Lamb

Recently Marlous has been focusing her creative attention on this bilingual magazine (Dutch / English) and filling it's pages with the most beautiful imagery, interesting stories, interviews, diy projects and home tours. All presented in her uniquely beautiful and colourful style... 'vintage with a twist'. Each issue is based around a theme chosen my Marlous, the first was Alpine Kitsch and the most recent edition is Dazzle Painting (take a peek at the back cover of this issue to find out what's up next). Both are page flippingly good! Fresh, creative and very engaging. Oh, and the story behind the title of the magazine is just as inspiring as it's beautiful pages...

Many songs were written about Marie. Marie has humor, a Spanish temperament and is very straightforward. She understands the art of making something from nothing. Mother of my mother, dearest and wisest grandmother I could ever wish for. Oh Marie! is a dedication to my fabulous grandparents who learned me to fully appreciate the art of treasurehunting.

good reads : Oh Marie! #2 Dazzle Painting | Emma Lamb
All images: Oh Marie! magazine, shared with kind permission from Marlous Snijder.

There is much more to see over at Oh Marie! headquarters (blog, pilot issue, as well as the opportunity to submit any article ideas you might have!), so please do pop over and take a peek. You can also find Oh Marie! on Facebook if you would like to stay up to date with all their news there.

Congratulations on a beautiful magazine Marlous, you are an inspiration!


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  1. Oh! Thank you for the proper introduction! Off to go see :)


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