making everyday beautiful : who's for elevenses?

making everyday beautiful : who's for elevenses? | Emma Lamb
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Tea + cake + pretty china = the perfect Monday morning pick-me-up, or any morning for that matter!

It's been too long since I've baked any kind of cake. My favourite has to be a chocolate brownie number I found in a kids cookbook (I'm not one for stretching myself when it comes to cake making, I know my limits all too well!) but I'm also quite partial to a lovely lemon drizzle number too. I think the latter may be a goer since I have a pile of lovely fresh lemons in the fruit bowl and a brand new box of three ginger t-bags that would accompany it so perfectly! It seems my rainy Monday afternoon is all planned out, what about you? What cakey goodness would you be baking this afternoon if you could?

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Emma, x

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  1. Oh, Emma, I cannot resist a piece of cake and since I am obsessed with 'Under The Walnut Tree', I would have to choose their 'A cake from Tuscany' - 'an exquisite cake filled with smooth vanilla custard, raisins and almonds.' Looks like my rainy Monday afternoon is now planned out too. Thank you x

    1. Goodness, Lois that sounds so indulgent! I hope you haven't eaten too much of it this afternoon!? xx

  2. Mine would have to be the Chocolate fudge cake I discovered and made over Christmas. Never had any before as it sounds so sickly, but this was devine. Very chocolatey but not over sweet....and far too moreish!
    Love your piccies, they really do lift a grey Monday morning.

    1. Oh yes, the classic chocolate fudge cake!
      My mother-in-law makes an absolutely delicious one but I can no longer sample it's delights because of all the cream... it's heart-breaking!
      I am too jealous of you... ;) xx

  3. What's nicer than tea and cake! Victoria Sponge is my favourite x

  4. Oh cake, yes nothing is better. I made a delicious lemon drizzle last evening, in a loaf tin which is a nice way to serve it. I am blogging at xx

  5. Goodness... I'd totally forgotton that phrase - elevenses! Seems like a good tradition to revive :) I'm not much good at baking either, but I found an amazing chocolate brownie mix recently to which I just chuck in a couple of eggs and butter. It's inspiring me to start baking more :)

  6. Oh miss Leanda, if your doing elevenses then I should alos tell you about 'three-o'clocks'... we have them quite a lot here too! xx


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