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Hello, hello, hello... at last I'm back!

I feel like I've been away forever, four weeks I think it is! Before the holidays I just ran out of steam for working and crashed a wee bit, necessary at the time but I think it could have been avoidable if I had stuck to a better work-day plan. Something that has been on my mind quite a lot over the holidays and something I must address in 2013 if I'm to achieve the things I want to this year.

I had hoped to be back to work last week, ready and raring to go with all the optimism and enthusiasm the bright and shiny New Year always seems to bring, but our wee man had other ideas. Our poor wee Spanner has just had the worst two and a half weeks of his little life. So far in 2013 he has seen more vets than in the whole of 2012! On New Year's Eve he had to have an emergency operation for bladder stones that had got stuck... without going into icky detail I can tell you he was in a lot of pain and distress and it has taken him a full two weeks to recover from his op. It has been incredibly stressful and almost heartbreaking at times, but the good news is that this morning he finally had his stitches removed and he is almost back to full health. Now we are just waiting on test results from those bladder stones to know if he needs to be on a permanently restricted diet. In the meantime we'll be building back up to our usual walking routine and keeping him as healthy and happy as possible.

As you might imagine it was tricky deciding what my first post of 2013 should be, but I found inspiration, via 'making everyday beautiful', in Amy's beautiful embroidery... be joyful. The simplest of sentiments put so succinctly.

making everyday beautiful : be joyful | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. contemporary embroidery, 2. IDA Interior Lifestyle, 3. nanaCompany, 4. silly old suitcase, 5. fox-and-fern

Happy New Year and I wish you all the very best of health and happiness for 2013!
Emma, x

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  1. Thank you for starting our day out with these beautiful images!
    Hope the little man is well on the mend.

  2. get well soon spanner! :)

    love these pretty photos!
    ~happy 2013~

  3. I hope Spanner feels better soon. Having lost our lovely pooch last year I know how upsetting it is to see them suffer. Hope you get back in the swing of things soon too Emma. Have missed your cheery posts!

  4. Poor Spanner, I hope he's back to his old self really, really soon. I know how distressing and as you said heartbreaking it is to watch an animal in pain.
    That's the bad bit of 2013 over for you, things can only get better, wishing you much happiness for 2013 Emma.
    Vivienne x

  5. Oh Emma, we missed you so dearly ! I really worried, and well, I was right. Poor wee man, I'm sorry for him that he had to go through all of this. I'm glad he's on the mend, and I understand what a worry & stress it must have been for you.
    Sending you & your wee man my warmest thoughts, hoping for a terrific 2013 after such a rough start.

  6. It's good to have you back. I've missed your beautiful and sweet posts. I'll send you sunshine from the Netherlands...

  7. I am sorry for him. I hope each new day brings him closer to a full and speedy recovery.
    And of course, your choosings have made my day beautiful. (I hope my sentence is correct:) )

  8. happy new year Emma! sounds like it was quite a beginning to this year. glad to hear your dog is recovering now, poor thing. I expect you'll be glad to get your usual routine back. All the best Heather x

  9. Happy new year! I'm so pleased that spanner is feeling better. It's horrible when pets are ill.

  10. oh get well wishes to Spanner.

  11. So glad Spanner is on the mend, it's just THE most horrible thing when your pet gets sick, you'll literally do anything to make them better won't you! Looking forward to all your adventures in 2013. x

  12. Happy New Year, Emma. I hope you find your way to that balanced work-day =)

  13. So sorry to hear that Spanner is ill; I have had huge issues with our little Tencents these past few months and can relate to how stressful it is when our furry babies are not well. Hope things improve from here on. Hugs.

  14. Poor little wee thing, hope he's ok soon.
    Thank you so much for featuring my tin in this beautiful
    'making every day beautiful' !



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