colour palette : a vintage rainbow

colour palette : a vintage rainbow, curated by Emma Lamb / photograph © emma lamb

I think these wee shot glasses have been one of my most favourite thrifty, vintage finds so far. Aren't they adorable!? I found them locally too, which is always especially satisfying. I've got no idea how old they are since there's no makers mark that I can see. Not that it really matters, they've got such a lovely mid-century vibe with the fine gold bands and the wee pop of colour is right up my street! I especially adore the colour of the orange and jade ones but I'm trying not to show favouritism when plucking them from the cupboard. I'd love to find something similar in a tall drinking glass too, but maybe with a few wee painted flowers for extra pretty. I don't know if such a glass has ever existed but I am eternally hopeful that I will stumble across a set of six one day...

'O' by © emma lamb
'a vintage rainbow' by © emma lamb
'a vintage rainbow' by © emma lamb
'oooo' by © emma lamb
'a vintage rainbow' by © emma lamb

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Emma, x

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  1. They are pretty! :)
    Happy weekend Emma,
    Vivienne xxx

  2. Hello Emma,
    These pretty glasses are most likely to have been made by the english glass company Chance glass in the 1950's. The design is called "spiderweb"
    daisy j

    1. Oooh, thank you Daisy J!
      I knew someone far more knowledgeable than myself would know more about these lovelies. You can rest assured that I will be spending a huge chunk of my weekend Googling 'Chance glass' and 'spiderweb'!
      Have a fabulous weekend yourself!

  3. Wow, these take me back to my childhood. My great aunty had a set of drinking glasses exactly the same and I used to love looking at them in her special cabinet. So don't give up hope, you may find a set out there somewhere.

  4. My late grandmother had the set in a tall drinking glass and I'm sorry to say we threw them away a couple of months ago! I grew up with them and for me they were simply the old fashioned glasses my gran had in the cupboard. It never occurred to me someone else might like them. Isn't vintage a funny thing, I love vintage things , but to me a lot of my Gran's things were just old and dated. Had I found them in a jumble or car boot sale I would have probably loved them too. I'm sure you'll find another set out there, but for now enjoy the lovely set you have! Becky x

  5. I had a set like this, but smashed a few of them!! They are so pretty

  6. lovely set, I recently bought 2 tall glasses (one blue, one green) like you mention hoping to find, they do exist! They have an hourglass shape and not as many gold bands, and a couple of sprays of flowers on, I found them in an op shop (I'm in Australia)- love them, hope we both get to find more!

  7. What a fun shape & such cheerful colors ! What a score !
    Thanks for the colorful post !
    Happy new week !

  8. What a find. The vintage bareware is so fun! I've just found your blog too! I love vintage, but in a whole different way (lots of writing about jitterbug and vintage clothing, but I collect and craft too -- I have quite a few crochet friends who I will direct to your blog. It's beautiful!


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