studio details : cosy for the winter!

Organised collections. | Emma Lamb

Hello my lovelies! Remember my Folksy interview from last week? Well here are a few more photos of my cosy wee studio they didn't use. I took them on one of the sunniest autumn days ever, the light in my studio looks amazing on days like that as it creates such a beautiful warm glow that makes every colour seem so much more vibrant. The absolute best place to work ever!

The sunny autumn light in my studio makes it glow so warm! | Emma Lamb

Above: Bertha, my old dresser rescued from the street outside my window, has been painted a bright white and is now in my 'photography spot. The best place in my studio for photographing all my ladies, the light is just right there... at least it is when there is light to be had, which is not so much at this time of the year.

My desk covered in half finished projects, but while I'm working there's always a wee puppy to keep my toes cosy... :) | Emma Lamb
I think I'm a wee bit obsessed with shabby gold tins, they're just so pretty! The Art Nouveau boot polish tin is my absolute favourite. | Emma Lamb

Above: My most favourite inspiration of the moment. Lots of fabulous vintage gold tins that are home to my buttons stash, spools of thread and lovely embroidery threads. I adore lots of gold mixed with bright pinks, orange and deep cobalt blues shades at the moment. Oh and a wee bit of a Liberty print is always a bonus!

Below: My 'wrapping and packing' station. A month or two ago I reorganised my studio to create this wee space and to be honest I can't tell you how I ever managed without it! The wall space under the gorgeous vintage quilt bunting (by enhabiten) is perfect for pinning my order sheets; the unit below holds all my wrapping papers; I have piles of pretty tape and baskets of yarn along the top and a wee box to the side holding pens and customs forms, etc. Everything is to hand just where I need it... perfect!

My fabby new 'wrapping and packing' station, a fancy new title this corner of my wee studio! | Emma Lamb
The absolute best place to spend my working days... bliss! | Emma Lamb
My inspiration wall | Emma Lamb

The only thing is... since that last reshuffle my inspiration wall has been relocated and is much smaller. I'm telling myself that this will be better as I will be more selective about the pretty bits I choose to display instead of slapping everything up there. It also means I'll be a wee bit more frugal with my precious washi tape!

Emma, x

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  1. so nice to see this room. I like the colors and the ideas. great.

  2. Ooooh, your studio is looking so pretty, Miss Emma! I love what you did with the old dresser and all of your little still lives :) xo

  3. Cute cute room! So inspiring and "chiccosa"(italian katialanguage)
    thank you for sharing!

    Katia *-.-*

  4. It's all so lovely Emma. :)
    Just look at that gorgeous little man peeping out from under the desk!!
    Vivienne x

  5. thanks for the tour~what a beautiful space!

  6. What a wonderful room. So bright and cheerful, the dresser is amazing. Great find.

  7. Emma, thanks so much for a glimpse of your studio. Yes...with enough sunlight, the warm glow of light is lovely. The airiness would surely encourage all sorts of creativity...and the inspiring mood boards and little ephemera just add up to a wonderfully Emma-esq atmosphere.

    Best wishes

  8. such a lovely studio....!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  9. what a gorgeous space Emma. The dresser looks really sweet and I spotted your dogs little space under the table. Dogs just love a hidey hole don't they, what lovely company for you, keep your feet warm too! Heather x

  10. Ooh I really enjoyed that snoop behind the scenes of Lamb enterprises - total gorgeousness :)


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