making everyday beautiful : whispers of winter

Happy, happy December my bloggy pals!

It was so lovely this morning to wake up to our first snowfall of the winter... it wasn't much, just a wee smattering of the white stuff that was quickly washed away by the rain, but it has given me hope. Hope that this winter will be another snowy one, yay! It has also given me the inspiration for today's gorgeous collection of 'making everyday beautiful' favourites... another reason to be happy this Monday morning!

Oh and one more reason to be happy today, my Etsy shop has reached 9000 admirers over the weekend... whoop, whoop!!!

Emma, x

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  1. these are all so pretty.especially love the bunny...
    congrats on the admirers :)

  2. 9000 Admirers....that is Awesome! Congrats,Shari

  3. The kitty is so cute; we really love the photographs. Thank you for sharing with everyone. Congratulations on your Etsy shop! WOW, that is fabulous!!!

    ~Sampson & Lorrie

  4. a lovely winter collection! and that's a lot of admirers! well done, Heather x

  5. so tiny and poetic Emma :) so winter!
    I love it!


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