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Goodness me, Mondays seem to be rolling around all too quickly at the moment don't they!?

But there is much to be crocheted at the moment as I prepare for three winter/Christmas fairs (we're into November so mentioning the 'C' word is a-okay by me now!). The first two are in two weeks time and the third is at the beginning of December, after that I'll be focusing solely on my Etsy and Folksy shops in the last couple of weeks leading up to the holidays. In the meantime it all hands on deck! Of course with the occasional break to squeeze in some blogging fun...

So during today's lunch break I'm doing just that, squeezing in a wee spot of blogging fun by curating a few favourites from 'making everyday beautiful' inspired by the theme 'weathered & collected'. I've been admiring itchinstitchin's 'Rustic Barn Shop' image for some time now, such simple and beautiful details in the colours and textures of the wood grain and worn paint. So pretty. I've wanted to feature it in my making everyday beautiful favourites for a while but until today it's been tricky to find the perfect set to compliment it. Sometimes I think I might be a wee bit too obsessive with my colour matching... just a wee bit!?

Emma, x

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  1. Aww Thanks! This post certainly made my day ♥

    1. Thank you, Amanda! I love all your submissions to making everyday beautiful, so inspiring to curate... :) xx

  2. I love the knitalatte and the fox & fern palettes. Gorgeous colors... would make for wonderful spring garments.

  3. oh no you are good at it! keep doing what you are good at, Heather x

  4. No such thing--your attention to color detail is what makes it such a treat to visit you. As always, beautiful. :)


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