featured : Frankly, the Folksy magazine - Meet the Maker interview

Hello, hello! Long time, no see!

Sorry for the radio silence around here lately my lovelies, those winter fairs have been all time consuming... a lot of fun, but a ridiculous amount of work too!

Anyhow, I hope you guys are well and are enjoying the festive build up!? This week I'll be focusing more on my online shops and have lots of lovely new things to add, if I can get some good light for photographing them. A few festive treats too, which I hope you will love just as much as I do! As ever stay tuned to my Facebook page for all the updates as they happen...

Frankly, the Folksy magazine : Meet the Maker interview

Back to today though, which is a fabulous and exciting day as today I have yet another wee interview to share with you all. The wonderful folks over at Folksy have interviewed me as part of their 'Meet the Maker' series... yay! So if you're in need of a wee mid-afternoon (or mid-morning, depending where you are in the world!) break, brew a pot of tea and pop over for a wee read and find out my top tip for designer makers and what is at the top of my Folksy wish list this Christmas!

Oh, and a huge thank you to the super lovely Emily Barnes over at Folksy for making this happen!

Emma, x

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  1. a lovely interview Emma! I wonder if the crochet hook you love so much is a vintage bone one? I have one that belonged to my Gran and it's great to use, really precise. ( I think it's bone, makes it sound like something medieval!!) anyway, have a good week, Heather x

    1. Thank you Heather... the hook isn't bone! I don't think I could work with bone at all, the idea makes me shudder just a wee bit! Too gruesome for me... ;) x

  2. congrats!!!
    have a good day, xx Ale

  3. Emma, the interview just served to increase my appreciation of you as an artist and also as a very generous person.

    Continued success to you!

    1. Frances, thank you so much! Really, you couldn't have said anything more sincere, I appreciate your words hugely!
      Have a fabulous day! xxx

  4. The'Meet the maker' interview looks great! Taking photos is so difficult this time of year...I'm waiting for some winter sunshine too x


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