etsy favourites : feeling a little non-traditionally festive

In my studio this week I'm crocheting up a few festive ideas with some traditionally festive colours and alongside those I'm working with some deep charcoal grey for a separate project. Today while looking through my Etsy favourites I can see that those two ideas are coming together in perfect harmony and are influencing the pieces I'm being drawn to. Maybe I should pay more attention and listen harder to my subconscious... ?

feeling a little non-traditionally festive : Etsy treasury curated by Emma Lamb


  1. i just saw this on etsy -it's so pretty!

  2. what a gorgeous selection, love the colours...grey is so calming don't you think? just what you need to keep Christma calm too!

  3. Emma, I loved what you wrote about the subliminal way that color enters into our creative output.

    Sometimes, I laugh when all of a sudden I realize where That Color came from. Brains are apparently quite wonderful places where magic occurs daily while "we" are elsewhere.

    I am currently beginning this year's major Christmas project. I paint individual watercolor cards for all my friends. Starting early is essential to avoid last minute sloppiness!

    It is always such a pleasure to visit here. xo


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