wardrobe envy : Valentino Resort 2013

Valentino Resort 2013, images via Style.com | Emma Lamb

Oh, it's been such a loooong time since I've looked through any fashion collections!
Back in my textile designing days I would pick up almost every mag out there to soak up and digest the trends for inspiration. These days I'm far less devoted to the trends and much to prefer to look for inspiration in the everyday, as you know.

But occasionally I will happen upon a picture of a pretty dress and before I know it I'm scrolling through entire catwalk collections and cooing over each outfit. So here I am completely smitten with Valentino's 2013 resort collection. The beaded and embroidered embellishments, the bold coloured lace and layers of muted beige tulle. Of course the colours are amazing too - neon pink, grass green russet, black and duck egg blue next to those beige tones.

I'm also loving the way the collection has been styled against that deep grey background making the embellished dresses above look even more moody and romantic, while making the colours below really pop! I'm totally having a love affair with charcoal grey right now... ;)

Valentino Resort 2013, images via Style.com | Emma Lamb
All images via Style.com

Emma, x

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  1. O Emma, these are just gorgeous. I am really loving the one on top to the far right! I know I would never ever where the dress but would so love to have something like that just hanging in my room from the linen closet! JUST BEAUTIFUL!

    1. Shari, you are so right... they are works of art! I too would be happy to hang that dress on my wall but wouldn't mind earing it once or twice either! It might be a wee bit OTT for walking the dog but I don't forsee any movie premiere's in my future... ;) x

  2. Valentino has always designed clothes that really are feminine.

    Over here in New York, all the major international designers have flagship showcase shops along upper Madison Avenue. Emma, it is such fun to just walk up the avenue, and window shop to one's aesthetic delight. Sometimes, the fashions that looked wonderful on the cat walks or in the magazine adverts disappoint, but sometimes...the delight just increases.

    You've encouraged me to get across Central Park to the east side soon, and see what is on display at Valentino. Historically, his designs have been very complimentary to the female form.

    Meanwhile, let me again tell you what pleasure my eye find every time I click hereabouts.


  3. The two long dresses at the top are uber stunning! I love the lemon lace and the aqua with the white collar and cuffs too. Unfortunately we don't walk around with grey backgrounds behind us..so they'll lose a little of their impact. No worries though, I think you'd have to be uber beautiful and rich to wear them anyway!

  4. Wow, these are amazing. I absolutely love the shorter 50s style dresses, they've got just the right combination of new and old. And emerald green lace? wow. And the flared shape of that last one is really unusual, I love it! If only I had the budget and the occasion to wear something like that!!
    aLittleBlonde x

  5. I love Valentino...amazing collection!


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