making everyday beautiful : autumn arrival

making everyday beautiful : autumn arrival | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. hollybairy, 2. endlesshue, 3. CocoRose1, 4. tiel*sk, 5. dottie angel, 6. kandkrose, 7. Gail Griggs, 8. yellowhouse72

Oh, I am so excited about our fabulous wee Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful' right now! It is looking absolutely wonderful just now with all your amazing autumn and fall pictures celebrating seasonal crafts and moments of beauty. This gorgeous collection is just a tiny handful of the images I could have included today. It is always such an inspiration to see our creativity flourish at this time of year. Despite nature slowing down in preparation for the winter, the dark nights drawing in and the days getting chilly we always find a renewed enthusiasm and energy in our work and life.

I'm getting much better at this too, while I still have moments of frustration with the cold dark days it is much easier to lift myself out of that seasonal funk. Keeping busy, staying creative and continually making always helps to maintain a positive frame of mind for me. Then I find it much easier to see all the beautiful moments and stay focused on them more often than not.

Of course there's the food too! I always get excited when the vast array of pumpkins and squash are back in season for homemade spicy pumpkin soups. There's nothing better to warm your cockles than a steaming hot bowl of pumpkin soup when you've been out with the dog. Seasonal perfection... :)

Emma, x

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  1. a lovely collection of pictures. I always enjoy having a look around! enjoy the Autumn days. Heather x

  2. Beautiful pictures that capture the season perfectly !

  3. Hi Emma! I am a huge fan of the 'making every day beautiful' Flickr group. And I just love how you've put these images together in a truly inspirational collage. I adore autumn, and I cannot agree with you more about the loveliness of spicy pumpkin soup! Thank you for always inspiring! Tania ♥


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