sublime photography : Twiggs Photography, the 'charming light'

etsy favourites : Twiggs Photography... the 'charming light' | Emma Lamb

Oh, I am so thrilled to be sharing today's post! A wee bit of fabulous summer magic on this grey and chilly autumn day, care of a sweet virtual friend Claudia of Twiggs Photography whose work I have admired for such a long time.

Lovely Claudia, a self taught photographer also known as Twiggs, lives in the stunning city of Lisbon, Portugal, and loves to wander the city streets capturing beautiful moments and wonderful details with her trusty collection of cameras. Think retro VW Camper vans and Vespa bikes, decayed details of peeling paint and plasterwork of old doorways and traditional tiles, not to mention her gorgeous floral images from the gardens and parks of Lisbon. In her own words...

"I'm truly inspired by the amazing and charming light in Lisbon, and I can never get enough of wandering through this city with my cameras!"

The 'charming light' is incredible and Miss Twiggs seems to capture it so perfectly every time, as well as the most wonderful rainbow of candy colours. Every shade from deep cobalt blue, violet and olive green to ethereal yellows, pinks and lilacs. I am truly inspired by her eye for colour! Just browsing through her shop I feel transported to this beautiful city. Lisbon is not a place I've had the pleasure of visiting yet but it's definitely on the list! I'll certainly be browsing Miss Twiggs beautiful city guide for a few ideas on the best places to visit in and around Lisbon before planning my trip.

etsy favourites : Twiggs Photography... the 'charming light' | Emma Lamb
All images: Twiggs Photography

Miss Twiggs is also a lifestyle photographer, graphic designer and web designer, follow the links to find out more: website / blog / facebook

Emma, x

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  1. yes lovely, had a look at Twigg's site, very nice photography indeed. Love all the earthy colours. Thank you Heather

  2. Gorgeous, soft colour palettes. Love it!


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