making everyday beautiful : the autumn hush

Can you feel it? The Autumn hush?

Ahem, I suppose not if you're in the southern hemisphere! But up north and certainly here in Edinburgh I can feel the change in the light and the temperatures (blimmin' chilly last night!). There seems to be a calm stillness in people, not so frantic or irritated. Maybe a sense of relief that the summer, such as it was, has ended!? We can focus on enjoying homely activities instead of being disappointed at the lack of picnic weather. It's definitely time to start preparing a cosy nest for the winter and as we know that always brings out the best in our creativity!

Please do come on over to 'making everyday beautiful' to share your creativity, inspirations and beautiful moments, of course all seasons are welcome... :)

Emma, x

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  1. i'm getting ready for fall:)
    beautiful color palette!!

  2. Love the helleborus! Definitely signs of Spring down under!

  3. beautiful blush as well as hush ...

    1. Haha!
      I almost went with 'the autumn blush' for the title of this wee collection!
      Great minds think alike... :) xx

  4. Is pink and blushes big this autumn!? Beautiful and inspirational photos though! Thank you!

  5. I agree. Edinburgh is beautiful just now and so many people have said how much they like this cool clear weather with the most amazing light.

  6. Hello,

    You blog is stunning and I have officially become a follower and added you to my blogger dashboard feed :)
    Do you have a blogger button? I would really love to advertise your blog on my blog :)
    Thankyou for sharing your wonderful finds and inspiration

    Emma xx

  7. adoring the rainingsheep + seasickpeaches! :)


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