colour palette : vintage cobalt and turquoise

colour palette : vintage cobalt and turquoise, curated by Emma Lamb / photograph © emma lamb

Yay, for another fabulous Friday... !

This week has certainly had it's ups and downs and I'm kinda pleased it's coming to an end in some ways. The wee man seems back to his normal self after giving us another scare, thank you all for your caring comments he appreciated them very much! Although I'm feeling just a wee bit pooped after a few restless nights, thanks to my Piriformis Syndrome playing up. Entirely my own stupid fault though for not keeping up with my stretching exercises, it's all too easy to forget when there's no searing pain to remind you, gah!

Anyhoo, while hobbling around my wee studio today I've been looking for ideas amongst my many piles, heaps, mounds of pretty bits 'n' bobs for some colour palette inspiration. I've also been wanting to challenge myself and limited photography skills by working with some coloured and dare I say dark backgrounds. Gulp! So obviously I've thrown myself in at the deep end and started with this lovely charcoal / navy patterned card. Throw in a few other blue vintage patterned favourites, including a gorgeous barkcloth sample from lovely Polly of Folly & Glee, some fabulous buttons and my cute wee marble elephant (a constant studio companion for the last fifteen years at least!) and we have a very pretty but challenging arrangement.

Mostly I've focused on trying to capture the colours I wanted to convey in this palette so I'm totally aware that this photo is so far from perfect that it is only just adequate! But I have to start somewhere otherwise I'll learn nothing... today I'm thinking that maybe my 'early afternoon, natural light time slot for light backgrounds' is not quite the right time for dark backgrounds!?

Totally loving the palette colours though!

Emma, x

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  1. Poor you Emma, you have had a rough week, hopefully next week will be a much better one for you!
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend,
    Vivienne x
    P.S. I sooooo love those flower buttons. :)

  2. Emma, glad the 'wee man' is on the mend. Taking photos on a light background at this time of year with its limited natural light is quite a challenge!

  3. That's just a gorgeous little arrangement Emma, love that elephant!

  4. Well, of course I like it, Emma! Did you see my Softly Against Black mosaic contest? I daresay the concept of "softly" probably comes from being influenced by following your blog. You always use such subtle colors. This one is much more "me" with its saturated tones. We all enjoy a challenge!


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