a few random photos

Orange splash... a bunch of stunning orange lillies from my gorgeous man... :) | Emma Lamb

Looking back on my summer it was very 'green'... which is good, I like green. A lot. In fact it's almost rivalling my love of red at the moment!

Pretty yarn worms... from a few projects I worked on this summer. | Emma Lamb
Taped... Cath Kidston washi tape, love! | Emma Lamb
Spoonful : issue 7 - Not just 'a happiness companion' the latest issue of Spoonful was the perfect summer companion too... :) | Emma Lamb
A Lion's head doorknocker from Whitby... love the green and brassy gold together! | Emma Lamb

It's a short post today. I'm feeling very sleepy after being awake most of the night keeping an eye on the wee man. His belly has got him into real trouble yet again and he's been feeling very, very ill. He seems to be perking up a wee bit this afternoon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he'll be back to normal by tomorrow. Well, mostly back to normal... it would be nice if he learnt his lesson this time and stopped eating any old rubbish he found in the street! If only he could understand cause and consequence...

Emma, x

ps : you can find issue 7 of Spoonful over here.

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  1. Always enjoy a lovely bit of green rx

  2. Green is my very favourite colour! :)

    Sorry to hear about Spanner, hope he's feeling much better soon!

    Vivienne x

  3. I love your blog and these pictures are downright beautiful!

  4. I love green too! Red in small doses...but I adore that photo of your snippets of thread! Hope the Wee Man feels better soon! :)

  5. Hello Emma, I have just purchased spoonful issue 7 as it looks so inspiring and fresh.....bestest etc etc Daisy

  6. Gorgeous amounts of green there Emma. Hope Spanner feels better very soon!


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