sublime photography : exploded flowers by Fong Qi Wei / fqimages

Exploded Flowers by Fong Qi Wei / fqwimages | Emma Lamb
All images: Fong Qi Wei / fqwimages

I am sure many of you will have already seen this gorgeous Exploded Flower series by Fong Qi Wei / fqwimages since they seem to have already done the blogging rounds, but I still wanted to talk about them here today.

Of course this is a really pretty collection of photography that would look fabulous on any of my walls here. Yes it's really intriguing to see a deconstructed flower head with all of it's parts laid out in such a pretty and inspirational arrangement. And obviously I'm loving the colour pattern too... ;)

But the first thing I see whenever I look at any of these is the white background, the negative space... Ha! Negative space. I don't think that phrase has crossed my lips since my college years! But yes, that's what I am drawn to here particularly in the red rose (pictured first). I can't help myself looking for shapes and pathways through these petals as though they are a maze waiting to be solved. Then I start to feel the chaos of these broken flowers and a need for order, but since the petals are so perfectly arranged to create such an intriguing negative space I feel content to cycle through this thought process again. It meditative in a way.

From Fong Qi Wei...

"I try to engage my audience by providing a new perspective on familiar subjects or themes. Through my art, I hope to introduce my point of view to my the viewer and engage them beyond aesthetics. I wish to provoke them to think further about the familiar and ordinary."

Emma, x

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  1. They are beautiful Emma. I suppose looking at the negative space might be due to your crochet work - after all it's the negative space where your yarn would go in order to create similar patterns.

    1. Jo, that is so true! I hadn't thought of it that way, but now that you mention it I can see the comparison. So interesting... maybe my eyes and mind are becoming trained to search for a particular style of pattern!? Food for thought indeed... Thank you!

  2. I didn't know this photographs. Thank you for showing and for making us reflect.
    What intrigues me also about the composition is the central simetry, in some way more obvious here than in the flowers themselves.

    1. Thank you Montse, I'm so happy you enjoyed discovering something new!
      I think Fong Qi Wei has achieved his artistic goal perfectly with this series, we are all seeing these flowers in a new light... he has indeed given us a new perspective.

  3. I hadn't seen these before. This is such a surprising series--it makes you look twice, pause, and think. I love art that does that.

  4. LOVE this! Thanks for sharing. I hadn't come across his work before!


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