A snapshot of my summer | Emma Lamb

A wee snapshot of my world just now - the soggy summer, finding diamonds, being surrounded by lush and beautiful shades of green, industriously working on piles of crocheted flowers for lots of lovely orders, my wee man making the best of it all and looking especially adorable after his haircut today.

In summary - me working hard to change my attitude, get out of the grumpy mindset I was so entrenched in the other week and choosing to be more optimistic by taking the time to appreciate the beauty in the world around me.

Today I feel much happier! It's all good... :)

Emma, x

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  1. Love all those gorgeous colours you're crocheting with Emma!
    Handsome Spanner, as always. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. The colours you have used for your crochet bunting are delicious ... easy to become bogged down with such a miserable summer, we're trying to beat the summer blues by doing the normal summer activities whatever the weather - today we collected the last of the elderflower to make some summery cordial - scrummm

  3. Emma, these beautiful photos prove that your creativity seems able to transcend whatever gloomy mood tone might be round you.

    Bravo! Guess it's a matter of loving color and appreciating what can happen loop by loop.


  4. "choosing to be more optimistic by taking the time to appreciate the beauty in the world around me."
    You took the words right out of my mouth!!!
    I am dooing the same things you do overhere in my little space in the world, Arnhem, The Netherlands

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, Emma. All those rich, lush greens contrasted with your subtly toned crochet. Well done!

  6. your photos are fabulous as ever, especially your 'diamonds', stunning! love your crochet too, I wish I had half your sense of colour co-ordination, I'm sure my worl would be a much happir place lol xx danielle xx


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