making everyday beautiful : o summer, where art thou?

making everyday beautiful : o summer, where art thou? | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. {Twiggs}, 2. rainingsheep, 3. papernstitch, 4. Coco Rose1, 5. Mundo Flo, 6. jasna.janekovic

Anyone else starting to feel totally cheated by the lack of summer here in the UK!? I am, and I feel so grumpy about it all this morning... hmph!
Thank goodness some of you lovely folks are having better luck and thank you so much for sharing your yummy pictures over in our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful'... you are helping to keep me sane! Instead of staring bleakly out the window I'm gazing at all your summery loveliness and daydreaming of days without wellies, scarves and umbrellas... *sigh*

Emma, x

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  1. You perked up my day with this lovely selection of pics - just what I needed to remind me what summer looks like! Em x

  2. the world weather has gone mad
    massive rain storms even here in spain yesterday
    {should make you feel a tad better, smile}
    be brave mrs x ... ***

  3. So sorry you're having a lousy summer weather-wise. We're having really hot weather this year in Toronto - it's like the weather patterns have gone all wonky. My poor plants don't know what's going on and for the first time ever, my beautiful magnolia idn't flower this year:(
    However, your summer picks here are stunning as usual and beautiful to look at.
    Hope the sun starts shining for you:)

  4. Had to come over and see the pics in large size just wasn't cutting it on the Droid....craving SUN today...and wishing you some too! :) Hang in there, and remember: When all those folks with sunshine daily look out their windows they often see brown and dry landscapes...when we finally do have the sun....our landscapes are as green and lush as can be. That's GOT to stand for something!? At least that's what I'm clinging to! ;)

  5. Oh how strange! Here on the U.S. east coast we're wilting with days at a time over 100 degrees. It hit 109 the other day! Scarves sound nice at the moment...

  6. We haven't see the summer here, in the North of Spain, as well. But, al least I have more time to have a look at the 'making everyday beautifuool' pool ;)

  7. Summer where art thou indeed. Not much luck here in the NW of England - c'mon it has to happen sooner or later! In the meantime your lovely blog will keep me going x


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