making everyday beautiful : London 2012

making everyday beautiful : London 2012 | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Laura Amiss, 2. peonyandthistle, 3. wood & wool stool, 4. Trisha Brink Design, 5. Trisha Brink Design, 6. ethanollie, 7. katiedaisy, 8. Sweet Collection, 9. A Crooked Sixpence

Hello, hello... !

Yes, so at last the Olympics have arrived in London... did you all watch the opening ceremony? What did you think!? I have to say I loved it, an all round very British affair indeed! Oh, and the flower to hold the Olympic flame... so, so beautiful and such a fabulous concept! I can't wait to see the closing ceremony too... Haha! I'm so not fussed about all the 'sporty stuff' in between but hey, that's just me... :)

Or is it!? Trying to search out a wee collection of lovely images from 'making everyday beautiful' this morning proved to be quite tricky. Seems you guys aren't such sporty types either, so I had to use dollops of creative licence to forge some quite tenuous links to the Olympic theme. If is wasn't for Laura Amiss and peonyandthistle this wee ode to London 2012 would have been far more cryptic! Golds stars for anyone who figures out all the links... ;)

Emma, x

ps - Sorry for being AWOL these last couple of weeks, that pesky virus lingered for longer than I hoped it would which set back my work by a few days. So last week it was all hands to the hooks to meet an exciting wee deadline over the weekend. I'll be dishing all soon... :)

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  1. Glad you're feeling better, Emma. Yes, I'd love to see what's been on the hooks =)

  2. stunning!! and such fun~~

  3. I've watched the opening ceremony, it was really wonderful. I loved the part with children, especially their pajamas were great.
    I have been watching all competitions when I find free time.

    in the meantime, your collection is also beautiful.


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