colour palette : pastel rainbow

colour palette : pastel rainbow, curated by Emma Lamb / photography by onelove photography - via Style Me Pretty
Image credit: onelove photography via Style Me Pretty

Hello my lovelies! Goodness me, Friday already!?

Sorry I haven't been around much this week, I did have lots of good blogging intentions at the start of the week since there's just so much I want to document here - finds, happenings, etc, etc... But it was not meant to be as I've been feeling a wee bit iffy, under the weather you might say and quite literally at times since the weather here is so awful at the moment... :(

Anyhoo, it's not all been doom and gloom there were a couple of good things this week - I cleared my custom order schedule for the first time since April and I scored a cute wee blue, retro fabulous suitcase from my local charity shop for £4! I cleaned it up a wee bit yesterday and bent the frame back into shape but it still needs a wee bit more tlc as there a couple of stubborn stains on the fabric lining. I got most of it out but am going to try again over the weekend... will do what I can to get some pictures next week.

Oh, and let's not forget today's yummy colour palette! I almost fell off my chair when I saw this macaron wedding cake over at Style Me Pretty... I would totally b-line for the bottom tier of chocolate lovelies, as well you know! Ahem, the colours... so soft, so pretty and so cheery too. Perfect!

Emma, x

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  1. this is so sweet! i'm a rainbow brite kind of girl but i love your colour collections. You've a gift ;)

  2. now that's a fab use of macaroons!!


  3. This wedding cake is so pretty. I just had a lesson recently from my sister but I'm still at the stage of trying to make my macarons the right shape! I've put it on hold for a while though as it's so humid here that trying to make them in this weather would be a useless endevour!

    1. Jane, I'm impressed!
      I've heard that macarons are very tricky indeed... I would love to be able to make them myself but since I can't even master a basic sponge cake (they always come out heavy!) I am happy admiring and sampling the efforts of others!
      I do hope the next time you try they come out perfectly for you... :)


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