making everyday beautiful : daisy days

making everyday beautiful : daisy days | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. hollybairy, 2. endlesshue, 3. cafe noHut, 4. hollybairy, 5. found and sewn

Simple, perfect, petite and pretty - for me the humble wee daisy is the ultimate symbol of warm, lazy summer days.

As soon as the sun shines they just seem to burst up out of the grass, almost as though they are inviting you to sit amongst their delicate white petals with your picnic. They fill you with a comforting sense of nostalgia as they encourage you to reminisce about the long hot summer holidays from your childhood while idly stringing them together to make miles of daisy chains...

Yeah, I know that's a whole load of romantic nonsense... but you know, I like it!

Summery days are all about wearing your rose tinted spectacles with an equally summery dress; making daisy chains and paddling barefoot in the sea; forgetting about work and worries while unplugging from the virtual world to go out and play in the real one. Sometimes you've just got to stop and enjoy the simple things the world presents you with...

Wishing you all the most wonderful day and here's hoping you have time to smell the daisies... :)

Emma, x

ps - remember to stop by our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful' to see more lovely summery inspiration and add you own daisy pictures, or any other fabulous pictures you would like to share... :)

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  1. I like that 'whole load of romantic nonsense' and I love daisies too! :)
    Stunning photos!
    Vivienne x

  2. Thanks Emma for including my daisy photo...I totally agree, daisies mean long summer days, lovely xx

  3. I love these daisies - they make me think I can feel the sun on my skin even now. :)

  4. My sister loves daisies and she had daisy chains and daisy flowers for her wedding. They are very pretty under rated flowers. Happy flowers I always think!

  5. He loves me, he loves me not... I love daisies!

  6. Such beautiful images! Surely everyone must love these happy icons :) Kx

  7. Such beautiful daises!! Happy Monday!! xo Heather

  8. This is lovely! Now I feel like going out to find some daisies too<3

  9. Beautiful Emma you can't beat a daisy to cheer you up can you!

  10. I love them so much I named my daughter Daisy ! Pretty, delicate and cheerful - both the flower and my lovely girl x


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