colour palette : candy buttons

colour palette : candy buttons, curated by Emma Lamb / photograph © emma lamb

Hello, hello!

Today I have so many reasons to feel happy, not least because it's Friday! Yay! And despite the perpetual pizzling rain, both the wee man and me had exactly the same thoughts today, a quick circuit of the park to keep up with all the doggy gossip then back home asap for hot tea and cosy blankets... phew!

Also, I'm especially chuffed with this wee post today which is my fourth this week. Hell yeah! Hello blogging groove, so good to see you again! Not just any post either, it's a colour palette post, whoop, whoop! Not only that, it's a colour palette featuring some gorgeous additions to my vintage button stash! Anyone else feeling faint yet!? I need a moment...

Hold on a minute though, there is a cherry to top today's virtual cake. See that wee ticker in the image up there? That is today's juicy red cherry! - She says, beaming with pride! Hehe, I'm thinking that if I could see your pretty faces today there would be at least a few staring back at me with quizzical frowns... ;)
That wee faded grey ticker is the result of two hours of my morning searching for instructions, following said instructions (the first time by trying to skip through a few steps thinking I wouldn't need to do those, the second time making sure I read every damn letter!), experimenting a wee bit, then getting all giddy stupidly excited over the results that lay before my eyes. Yes my lovelies, I have at last learnt how to create a custom shape in my lovely and reliable old version of Photoshop... yay!

And now with grand plans of yet more ticker tape blog decorating (watch this space!) I shall leave you with this summery candy coloured inspiration to brighten your drizzly dreary day,

Emma, x

{Recently I've had a blog revamp and all the ticker tapes have gone! Just not feeling the love for them anymore...}

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  1. Lovely colours!

    have a nice weekend x

  2. The best makes my day!

  3. So pretty! I think you may have made my new kitchen cupboard palette...

  4. Beautiful colours and well done for your ticker achievement! It is very satisfying being able to figure out how to do something new.

  5. Love all the colorful buttons!! xo Heather

  6. Big tick for the ticker tape (waaaaay beyond me, that)! :)
    I'm in love with your leaf button!!!
    Happy weekend Emma,
    Vivienne x

  7. Love these! They are like candy aren't they? :) Kx


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