making everyday beautiful : sunny disposition

making everyday beautiful : sunny disposition | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. likegiselle, 2. frillie designs, 3. citrusandorange, 4. whereyourheartis, 5. sweet sweet life, 6. Coco Rose1

Goodness me, Monday already!?

I wish this weekend could have lasted just a wee bit longer, especially since I had to spend a bunch of it catching up with my accounts... ugh, such a miserable job! But since I lost a couple of files on changing computers it had to be done. As rubbish as it was, it was a nice sense of achievement to be able to tick that one off the to-do list... :)

Oh, and how I wish the warm sunny weather could have lasted a wee bit longer too, or at the very least for the temperature not to have plummeted as much as it has! It hasn't finished plummeting either, from an unseasonal 20+ degrees we've got a tiny 2 degrees and buckets of snow to look forward to tomorrow, crazy! Cosy blankets and hot bowls of soup for me please...

Anyhoo... while wishing for sunshine today these gorgeous images, from our fabulous Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful', cheered me up with their sunny outlook. All these warm golden tones with pretty pops of red, pink and aqua... so very pretty!

Emma, x

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  1. Lovely images, I love the look of that white crochet blanket on the bed, and those colourful enamel bowls are delightful.

  2. This is a delight on a grey, overcast day. The mini granny blanket by whereyourheartis is calling me! Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

  3. What beautiful photos!! The floral enameled bowls and gorgeous! Love all the inspiration you give us! xo Heather

  4. I love the floral enameled bowls too, keep warm in the snow!

  5. These are such lovely pictures Emma :) I especially love that crochet afghan blanket! All the colours are very pretty! I love the colours in your shop at the mo too :) Hope all is going very well for you in the run up to the fair, best of luck to you, love safxxx

  6. Such beautiful finds, I really like
    the cups displayed in those box shelves!
    Kathryn x

  7. Thanks for sharing these merry pictures - I have to check the group on flickr ;-) Weather is the same here in DK, equally cold but luckily no snow ;-) Take care and have a Happy Easter :-)

  8. Hi Emma, here the weather went from sunny to sad drizzle too.. Ah well.. There is plenty of cheerful things inside of the house too. I am enjoying the pictures!


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