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Thank you so much for all your inspiring and helpful comments on my Monday post! It is always good to know that you're not the only one who loses their mojo from time to time, whether it's for blogging, creating or just a general lack of motivation. This time of year, just before the spring has properly sprung, is always the worst for me... I know that. My patience in waiting for it to arrive fast runs out and I feel myself getting irritable which in turn causes me to lose focus. Maybe I'm just being a wee bit hard on myself because there is so much to focus on right now, even so I still need to do something about it. So over the last few days while in the midst of writing lengthy lists and nibbling on lots of chocolate I've been wondering about the tools I need to help me manage my time better...

Obviously the to do lists are good for pinning down all the jobs that need doing and the steps/materials you need to get them done. Whether you love them or hate them they do bring a sense of clarity and order to help you stay focused. But of course when things are really hectic and the to do lists seems never ending you also need efficient with your time allocation for all those jobs. Now I'm a girl that hates to be a slave to time and a long, long while ago I took a conscious decision to stop wearing a watch (even convinced my Man to stop wearing his too!) because I noticed I was becoming obsessed and stressed over being in the right place at exactly the right time. No matter how often you check that clock face it's not going to get you there any sooner. Fact.

Handmade wall clocks from Etsy | Emma Lamb
Links: 1. schmittdesign, 2. decoylab, 3. andfurthermore, 4. iluxo

Since then my attitude has very much more laid back and I have enjoyed the freedom of letting time unfold as it should. Not that you should translate that as me being someone who is a shambling, disorganised mess as I'm quite the opposite. I revel in being organised and prepared. Yeah, I have always been a wee bit of a geek like that but it has proved to be an essential skill throughout my self employed career. However, right now I need to be more efficient than ever before to maintain my professionalism.

So if I am to manage my time a wee bit better maybe introducing a few clocks back into my life might not be such a bad idea. Such a simple but practical tool. On looking around my wee home just now the only one I can see is the wee pixelated one in the bottom corner of my computer screen... well, that just won't do will it!? Especially when there is all this handmade, granny chic, starburst, vintage and upcycled goodness to be found on Etsy!

Talking of upcycling, the first clock on my list would be this starbust style beauty and a can of bright pink spray paint, possibly even tangerine I can't quite decide...

Emma, x

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  1. these are great... I want you to look at the clock my granddaughter made for my birthday.. It's hanging in our livingroom.

    I like your blog.
    Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland


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