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Creative Courage e-course with Stephanie Levy | Emma Lamb

Recently I've been chatting with the lovely Stephanie Levy about her hugely successful e-course 'Creative Courage'. I first heard about it back in January when those two words seemed to strike a real chord with me. I really felt that I needed a wee bit of Creative Courage for myself since my energy levels and enthusiasm had been depleted by the busy Christmas rush. Anyhoo, later into January work became busy again and with one thing and another I wasn't able to take part in that course. But after reading some comments I left for her and this wee blog post, dear sweet Stephanie got in touch and generously offered me a sneaky peek at some of the projects and interviews from the course.

So, so inspiring! From the wee snippets I read, including a fabulous guest interview with Amy of Pikaland, I knew that this entire course was choc full of great practical advice, inspiration interviews and motivational projects...

"Creative Courage e-course is an international, fun, holistic, hands-on online course, full of colorful activities, resources, quotes, and 12 inspirational interviews with some of the most successful, amazing artists, writers, designers, coaches, and crafters who are thriving today."

And the wonderful news is that Stephanie will be running a brand new course starting in April, yay! It will be a seven week course that will cover a range of topics from the basics of "clarifying and believing in your creative dreams" to "developing practical strategies for time management for busy women" - I so need this right now! All the of the topics covered are geared towards helping both established artists, designers, etc and those who are just starting out. There is always room to learn and grow and I know I would find many of these subjects very useful indeed!

Creative Courage e-course with Stephanie Levy | Emma Lamb
All images: Stephanie Levy for Creative Courage

Not only will there be a range of posts covering these topics but there will also be a fantastic new collection of interviews from some of the most inspirational women you can think of - Flora Bowley, Camilla Engman, Tracey Clark, Tara Sophia Mohr, Lisa Solomon, Jennifer Judd-McGee, Victoria Moran, Beth Nicholls, Marianne Elliott, Lucie Summers, Angela Ritchie and Tif Fussell. Come on, is that not the most amazing group of women you could ever imagine!? Seriously, just from that list alone this is set to be the e-course of all e-courses! Already I am so jealous of anyone who will be taking part and so, so wish I could myself... but with everything I have going on over the next couple of months I just don't have a minute to spare. Privileged problems as this very talented woman's mother would say... :)

So if you're looking for a wee helping hand, some supportive encouragement, practical business advice, a motivational kick up the backside or even a virtual tour of Paris (yeah!) then head on over to Stephanie's blog to find out all the nitty gritty details. But be quick, while there are still a few places available the course starts on April 9th... go, go, go!

Oh, and if you've already taken part in a previous Creative Courage e-course do let us know what you thought and what taking part has done for you in the comments section below. I have enabled embedded comments to allow replies and space for discussion if anyone is interested,it will also give me a better opportunity to answer your questions if you have any... :)

Emma, x

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  1. Thank you Emma! What an honor for my ecourse to be featured on your lovely, lovely blog! Thanks again, and I do hope to visit your beautiful city of Edinburgh, and I'd love to meet you in Berlin ;) xo

    1. You are most welcome dearest Stephanie... :)
      One day I shall make my way to Berlin, I shall go pop it on my 'to do' list right now... :)

  2. Hi Emma, I'm a bit weary about sponsored posts, but I agree with your text in the end. If you support what you are promoting and you do it honest and sincere, it is totally fine. :)
    I do miss some words from someone who actually has done this course.. That would have been nice.

    1. Hi Dorien!

      Thank you so much for your comments, I appreciate them hugely and completely understand your suspicion about sponsored posts, I feel exactly the same way! That is why I have chosen to only to write sponsored posts that help to support our creative community and the individuals within. I should probably make it clear that my intention is not generate income from these posts which I think would undermine my blogging integrity. However since a wee trade was involved with this post (as I mentioned Stephanie kindly allowed be access to some of the e-course material) it became a sponsored post and I had to disclose this information.
      Throughout everything I do I strive to be as honest and sincere as possible as I think it is key to maintaining a safe and friendly online community. I am so happy that you were able to see and understand this... :)

      As for course student comments, lovely Susan Scott ( left a wonderful comment on my Facebook page and asked that I re-post it here just for you...

      "Emma,I'm so glad I found this post & I would have gotten to this sooner, except I've been to busy creating. I tried to comment on your blog, but my iPad & google just don't see eye to eye. So here's my take on Stephanie's Creative Courage Course, I've taken Stephanie's cc course twice & would be again, but I'm too busy creating with the courage she guided me to. I got so much out of her course & the fb group, which I still visit & contribute to. Stephanie's questions for yourself, along with inspiring interviews from other artists & herself, got me to really think about the creative changes I wanted to make. Even though the 2nd course ended awhile back, I still carry her energy & support with me. I've made very good online friends, whom I talk to on a regular basis, if not everyday then every other day. The support I received in a very safe environment Stephanie created can not be underestimated. This gave me confidence in my work & courage to grow my dreams. This year hubby & I are going to Hawaii, I'm painting 2-3 days a week, digital & acrylic. My self worth increased enough that I'm considering selling my work. I'm probably the under achiever in the group, Stephanie's students have done amazing things, one of us got a book contract, another opened her 1st etsy shop, magazine articles were successfully submitted, blogs started, web sites created, & on & on. Stephanie doesn't do it for you, but provides the tools, encouragement & safe environment to create your dreams. I highly recommend her Creative Courage course, it will change your life, it's changed mine for the better. Emma, could you please post this in the comments on your blog so Dorien could see it. Thanks, Sues"

      You can see the original here -

      I do hope this helps?

      Have a fabulous day,
      Emma, x

    2. ps - there are more student comments over of Stephanie's blog if you would like to peek at those too... :)

    3. Hi Emma (and stephanie)

      I just wanted to thank you so much for a fabulous post. Having creative courage means so much to me and it's so lovely to see someone who wants to help others experience the joy that unlocking creativity can have in their lives. As a child and through my teens I was always drawing, writing, sewing and creating and then somewhere in my very early twenties I forgot how. With the help of a dear friend I turned to craft last year to help recover from a personal crisis and it has literally changed my life. My craft has now opened up so many new opportunities and unlocked so many forgotten dreams. Although it started as a form of therapy, once I found the courage to follow my heart, I am now setting myself and my family up to live the dream. I can now look at my favourite magazines and see articles about 'people who live the dream' and get all excited because that's me now - even though I'm just starting out. When you think about it, history is full of creative people who made their living from their craft - carpenters, dress-makers, candle-stick makers, bakers, blacksmiths etc While these vocations still exist they are somehow forgotten among a new world of high rise buildings and corporate society. I come from a long line of dress-makers and carpenters/joiners - my great grandmother and my Gran were both dress-makers. My GG owned her own dress-making shop "Madam Robertson's Dress-making Emporium" and my Gran brought herself a car from her earnings. This was a huge achievement for a young woman living in the country in the 30s. In the last few years of my Dad's life, he was giving the opportunity to pursue something he loved as a profession - gardening and it was the happiest he had been in his life.
      All the best Steph, I hope you continue to have so much success.


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