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making everyday beautiful : every day I love you | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. wood & wool stool, 2. Devotchka_The Room, 3. silly old suitcase, 4. miel bakes/madhu, 5. Loving The Vintage

Oh how lovely it was to see every ones sweet valentine images added to making everyday beautiful yesterday, pretty love hearts and flowers galore!

I am sure I have mentioned this before but I am a firm believer that wee romantic gestures, moments of love, caring and appreciation should be given out as often as you can give them. While there are many that love Valentine's Day and celebrate it with such gusto there are others who loathe it because of the expectation and disappointment it can bring. But for me it just lacks soul. I suppose a lot of holidays can be like that too, when you're expected to behave in a certain way or appreciate something with a specific emotion. Thinking about it, this is probably why I find more happiness in the wee details and sweet moments life brings, they are always genuine rather than forced and that makes them even more beautiful.

Oh dear, it sounds like I'm contradicting myself here after gushing about all your pretty images in my opening sentence! I guess what I am getting around to saying is that these sweet valentines sentiments should be year long in the same way that we make our everyday moments beautiful... or am I sounding too hippy-trippy with peace and love for all man!?

Emma, x

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  1. Hey Emma! Thank you for being in your todays beautiful day :) Xx

  2. Yeah man... :) I quite agree, Emma, those lovely gestures shouldn't be exclusive to one day a year (& feeling pressure to show love on a specific day isn't really in the spirit either).
    I'm terrible on St Valentine, in 15 years I probably only have given my man a card a handful of times. He's much better at it than me! (and because I never expect him to, it's so lovely when he does.)
    I've sneaked a little note in his work stuff today though. Smiling in anticipation of him finding it... :)

  3. I love hippy-trippy, I like to think of myself as an old hippy! ;)
    Love the look of those chocolates! :)
    Vivienne x

  4. Valentine's Day...i really don't care about it much...but i loooove hearts and i looove giving other people my love.

    Those little gestures are much nicer indeed...and much better
    than the
    'my-husband-is-planning-to-buy-but-never-does-but-is-proud-that-he-did-think-about-it-on-Valentine's Day-bunch of flowers...


    Thank you so much for using my picture for this lovely post.


  5. I agree. I snagged a few different pretty little heart moulds and cookie cutters etc. this year round and was momentarily saddened by the thought of not being able to use them again till next year. When I realized that there is NO reason whatsoever that I can't make little heart-shaped goodies for my loved ones all year round...

  6. I absolutely think the same as you too! Also happy to find my picture here :-)

  7. It might be a teensy bit hippy-trippy, but I think a good does of that is good for everyday life!

  8. Agree entirely, those spur of the moment, unexpected gifts of love that make you smile, laugh, swoon and melt are given with true love

  9. I agree - a partner who makes you a cup of tea every morning is worth more than one who doesn't but buys you showy flowers on Valentine's Day (although I would be totally ok with the daily tea AND massive flowers...) Lovely post.

  10. I completely agree!!! All year round is the way to love :)

    Also GORGEOUS colours like this post should be all year round too :) hehe

    FABO post miss emma.


  11. Thank you so much Emma for including one of my pics...The flowers were gorgeous and lasted for ages...
    They brightened up my whole week...

  12. Love this post. Pictures are so inspiring.

  13. I love what you've said about celebrating love everyday...its sort of what I was saying today in my blog too!


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