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While the beautiful winter sun has been shining today I've spent much of my time photographing a bunch of new lovelies for the shops. I'm hoping, with all my fingers crossed, that they will look just as good up on this screen as they do on they wee one on my camera. Sometimes you can never be too sure and quite often things can go awry between my camera and computer. Some days I am convinced there are wee gremlins in that connecting cable (nope, there's no fancy wee SD card port on my medieval machine!) that play mischievous games with my lovely lighting!

Gatherings Magazine, The White Issue, Winter 2012 | Emma Lamb

Anyhoo, before I discover if these wee beasties have been to work or not I've treated myself to a lovely spot of reading. Have you seen the new issue of Gatherings Magazine? It is yummy! Miss Heather has outdone herself again with this gorgeous wintry feast for the eyes...

The White Issue is choc full of the usual inspirational articles, recipes and features including a home tour with Tina Fussel, aka Traveling Mama; a lovely wee interview with Kathi Wrensch Mundigler of All things White, a long time favourite Etsy shop of mine; some gorgeous winter table styling inspiration from Iris of Irideeen; and not to mention a beautifully illustrated article to help you choose just the right white paint from Miss Heather herself.

Gatherings Magazine, The White Issue, Winter 2012 | Emma Lamb

As with all the Gatherings magazines, this issue is overflowing with gorgeous photography. I am completely mesmerised with the layers upon layers of beautiful textures from delicate lace doilies and milk glass to weathered wood grain and chunky sequined throws. With every shade of white you could possibly imagine in there too, what is there not to love!?

Emma, x

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  1. What gorgeous whites, making me look at white (a colour I often avoid in favour of brighter ones) in a whole new way, thank you for sharing.

  2. Such pretty photography. I have never heard of Gathering magazine before, will have to look out for it now.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to yet more loveliness. x

  4. Oooh, I am so in love with the throw on that bed I'm working out how I'll replicate it with some lovely mohair yarn and a 5 point crochet hook. So pretty. I love french inspired/country/shabby chic books. Actually I've been a bit naughty and brought a few too many!! Cabbage and Roses Vintage Chic was my latest purchase. It's so beautiful.

  5. Thank you dearest Emma for your continued love and support of Gatherings! You are a lovely soul and your work/blog continues to be my inspiration. Loving the new site changes. Hope you are well and treating yourself this weekend.


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