making everyday beautiful : granny chic charm

Hello... hello? Is this thing on... !?
Gah, blimmin' technology! I don't think this PC was too happy with me calling it 'medieval' last week because since then it got very slow and grumpy before offering up the dreaded 'blue screen of death' when I tried to switch it on one morning! Thankfully my Man was able to provide a very handy wee trick which eventually defeated the said offending blue and I have spent much of the last couple of days backing up on all my files and photos. And what I am more thankful for is that after learning the hard way from a previous iffy hard drive episode I am much more disciplined at regularly (monthly at the least!) backing up my files so I only had a few weeks worth of stuff that needed saving. My dears if you don't have an external hard drive or other way of backing up your stuff and keep thinking 'I really must do something about that'... Do it, do it now! After talking to a sweet friend this week who has lost years worth of images of their artwork that can't be replaced I can tell you that it can be heart breaking! Please do heed this warning.

Anyhoo, while I have been catching up with emails and whatnot as possible I have been taking a wander through our lovely Flickr group 'making everyday beautiful' to soothe my soul just a wee bit. Of course I couldn't resist these picks with their understated granny chic charm. I love the layers of soft cream and pretty neutrals that show off the floral details and mialiv's fabulous crocheted throw. Perfect!

Emma, x

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  1. That crochet throw is exactly the one that every person who crochets wants to make and own! Just beautiful. :)
    V x

  2. LOVE the pictures... but am now a bit worried about backing up my computer.... argh!!!

    Thanks for including our bunting with such loveliness!

  3. Gorgeous selection ... I feel all peaceful now. Bt I'm going to run my backups, anyway, just in case :-)

  4. Love that granny square afghan. It always "warms" up a room!

  5. simply beautiful, thank you emma!!!
    katarina(bylina studio)

  6. A salutory warning - I must take heed!
    Gorgeous curation of photos :)

  7. Oh Emma how I need to back my computer up, he's very obliging but you never know when the gremlins will strike. I shall make it a PRIORITY job for this week!
    Gorgeous pictures by the way. ♥

  8. Thanks for featuring one of my photos - I adore the others as well! Such a lovely post! :)


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