hello 2012!

happy new year! | Emma Lamb

Hello, hello and happy New Year to you all!

As you can probably tell I am not rushing into this New Year, not that I'm not looking forward to it because I am, hugely! I am so excited about all the possibilities it holds. I am excited about the swell of creative ideas in my mind. And as always I am excited about sharing this space with you and continuing to be part of such an amazing creative community! Already today I have been inspired so many times...

new light | Emma Lamb
a glimmer in the dark | Emma Lamb

♥ First was Miss Leanda's new 2012 printable calendar, which I am completely in love with especially since she has used one of my favourite flowers for my birth month... I love pink Hyacinths!
♥ Just reading about lovely Stepahine's Creative Courage e-course (after seeing this inspiring image on her Flickr pages) has me clutching at my knee socks to make sure they are pulled up firmly around my knees!
♥ Then there is the flurry of exciting activity on Facebook that was me taking part in a 'pay if forward' for 2012. Thanks to the lovely Cindy I have now made a promise of handmade goodness to five sweet friends and am feeling quite inspired about creating just for them... :)

So as you can see there is plenty to be excited about it's just that the holidays were such a welcome break. I needed to unplug big time! The run up to the festive season was fun and hectic and I enjoyed every minute of it, but it was time consuming and tiring. A big thank you to everyone who stopped by to see that I was okay, you guys are too sweet. But while I am reluctant to bring that extended break to an end I am happy to be starting the New Year with a fresh mind and renewed enthusiasm, and am keen to make a start on all those new ideas...

Emma, x

ps - I shall be re-opening my shops soon, that is as soon as I have caught up with a few things I missed over the holidays.

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  1. I can completely relate! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Well hello Miss Emma, so lovely to hear from you! I have missed dropping in here to 'see' you!
    Happy 2012. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Welcome Back! I'm looking forward to more colour inspiration in 2012. :)

  4. Happy New Year Emma, so glad to have you back. I was beginning to worry about you but didn't feel I could say so! Looking forward to all your makes in 2012 :)

  5. A break does the creative soul good ;) Welcome back, and Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

  6. Emma, I,m so glad you're back in blogland - you've been missed! So glad too that you've had the chance to recharge your batteries. A very happy new year and hopefully you"ll make our Monday's happy again.

  7. So glad you are back, love your blogs :) happy new year to you too x
    guernseygirlgetscrafty at blogspot dot com

  8. Thank you so much Emma! Enjoy your time starting the New Year :) xo


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