blue skies... by Emma Lamb

Yesterday was the most beautiful frosty day here in Edinburgh. There were wall to wall clear skies with the sun hovering low in that pale blue wintry backdrop and underfoot were crisp ice crystals that sparkled ever so gently...

frosted... by Emma Lamb
crisp... by Emma Lamb
dormant... by Emma Lamb

It was the coldest day of the winter so far and I found myself loving it... dare I say even wishing it would last and maybe bring a lovely dusting of snow too!?

crystals... by Emma Lamb
trimmed... by Emma Lamb

One of my New Year's resolutions is to take much longer walks with the wee man. Take the time to have a proper break in my day, time to ponder and daydream without thinking of the list of to do's... time just to appreaciate time with my wee man, time with myself and time to notice the wee details... because I do love those wee details very much, they make my day... :)

reaching... by Emma Lamb

Emma, x

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  1. beautiful pictures :)
    have a look at my blog..

    have a nice day, svenja

  2. Beautiful photos, I love frost too - nature's sparkle.

  3. Oh those pictures are so beautiful. In Denmark it has been frost too, I love it.
    Have a happy Tuesday :)

  4. Emma, your photos of that frosty day with the blue sky are so appealing! I also like to notice details, and frost always seems to pick up lovely details to show us.

    Best wishes.

  5. What a lovely blue sky and what lovely frosty photos. I always think walks are good places for thoughts too. x

  6. I can feel the cold in your photos! Lovely! Speaking of your "wee man," I just finished reading "A Dog's Purpose." I thought I loved my guy a lot until I read this book. Now, I love him even more!
    Stay warm!

  7. Those photo's with the frost on are amazing you have captured it so well. Even thought its freezing it really is beautiful to walk in. And sharing it with your little man just magical. Enjoy, dee x

  8. Beautiful and frosty pics! :-)

  9. Beautiful frosty photos. I've just shared some very similar on my blog as we've been having similar frosts here.

  10. entirely gorgeous. thank-you, Emma!

  11. I love the frost to look at but not so much to be in...brrrrr....

  12. Good resolution Emma, being outside in the fresh air is the most restorative thing to do, I try to take a walk everyday and find if I don't get out I go a little bit crazy LOL!

  13. lovely frosty day here too. lovely photos.

  14. I'm just catching up with you this week Emma as I've had a sick laptop!
    I am so loving these photos of a frosty Edinburgh. :)
    V x

  15. Beautiful frost! Love the soft whites too.


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