shoptalk : the market, Edinburgh

Ugh, what a miserable day it is here in Edinburgh this morning! Cold and wet, wild and windy and just plain bleh...
But while I am waiting in for a parcel to arrive (and feeling quite grateful that I don't have to go out in said miserable weather just yet!) I just remembered that I promised you lovelies some news of a another wee craft fair I'll be doing this Christmas...

I will be at The Market Christmas craft fair right here in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th December 2011, 12-5pm at St.Columba's by the Castle. Entry is free and I know there will be some yummy treats for you to enjoy while doing a wee spot of Christmas shopping. Please do pop along and say 'hello' if you are out and about... :) | Emma Lamb

The Market will be held at St.Columba's by the Castle on Saturday 17th December (the last shopping weekend before Christmas), from 12pm til 5pm. Entry is free and I know there are going to be lots of tasty treats to enjoy while you are browsing, you can find all the details of the other exhibitors up on the Facebook events page.

So if you are out and about in the city that day doing a wee spot of last minute shopping or just taking in some of the city's festive atmosphere, I would love for you to pop by and say 'hello'... :) It will be my last work day before taking a much needed break so I am looking forward to having a lot of fun and meeting lots of new folk, can't wait... !

Emma, x

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colour your monday happy

untitled by RosaMaría {464 La vida compartida...}
instant collection of vintage tins by greta♥loves
collection by madelinetosh
Pretty Patters by Candi Mandi
Crochet Votives by CocoRose1
Image credits: 1. RosaMaría, 2. greta♥loves, 3. madelinetosh, 4. Candi Mandi, 5. CocoRose1

Happy, happy Monday my lovelies! I do hope you all had a wonderful weekend... !?

Today I'm feeling inspired by these cute collections from our fabulous Flickr pool 'all colours in'... and must confess to feeling just a wee bit jealous over such a gorgeous collection washi tape, not to mention those beautiful tins! Let's hope Santa is reading this, eh?

Anyhoo, today I need to focus on making my own collections for these Christmas fairs... wee flowers charms, pincushions, garlands, granny cushions and anything else I can hook over the next couple of weeks. Yikes, less than two weeks to Selvedge... eek!

Emma, x

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celebrate color : all good things

Yes indeed, as the saying goes 'all good things must come to an end', and so it is true of Celebrate Color... *sigh*

Celebrate colour: making the most of autumn inspiration | Emma Lamb

I can't tell you how much I have loved taking part in this wonderful blogging event with dear Rachel, of Stitched in Color, sweet Shannon, of LuvintheMommyhood, and lovely Mollie, of Wild Olive. Not only has it been the most wonderful way to celebrate all things autumnal, it has also been a joy to see a whole crafting community come together to do just that. Every one's enthusiasm and eagerness to participate has been so inspiring and it has been a joy to welcome so many new faces to my wee blog to share in my colour inspiration posts. Hello every one!

This is the first time I have taken part in such a blogging event and to tell you the truth I can't wait for the next one! But I am getting ahead of myself just a wee bit here, first lets have a wee re-cap...

studio details : the best-laid schemes

...o' mice, men an' crafty folk alike
Gang aft agley...

Hehe, so I may have have embellished this quote from Robert Burns poem 'To a Mouse' just a wee bit... but oh, it is so true! Some days everything works out perfectly, just as planned and everything just as you imagined. Then on other days... just when things are ticking along nicely and yes they seem to be turning out as you planned, but somehow they don't look nearly so nice as you imagined... :(

A silly charm tree, in the beginning... | Emma Lamb

Okay, so I think I am sounding overly dramatic here, but this wee charm display has been a right pain in my butt today... ! My plan was to spend a happy half hour wrapping it's black metal frame with a lovely light fabric to make it all spiffy for displaying my wee flower charms on my upcoming Christmas fair stalls. Which in itself sounds fine and two hours after I started (I'm skipping over the parts where I had masking tape stuck to all my finger tips, not to mention millions of frayed threads everywhere and a whole bunch of fabric strips that kept unwinding themselves when ever my attention slipped!) I had the charm display I had imagined...

studio details : things that are just peachy

A perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November. | Emma Lamb

One: the last of a delicious homemade bread and butter pudding (made with sultana scones instead of bread) that I have just scoffed for my lunch.

Two: all you fabulous advice about dear old Bertha, you guys have so many great ideas that I shall definitely be filing away for any future furniture refurbishment projects too. As for Bertha, I'm thinking there may be some glossy cream paint involved and a wee bit of wax... oh, and I'm thinking of these knobs as suggested by dear Miss Tif.

Three: This perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November... I then took upon myself to rescue from said garden after the wind damaged it's delicate stem, leaving it's pretty blooms teetering dangerously above the muddy ground...

colour your monday happy

Good morning... !

Oh, it really feels like the countdown is on now... it's less than three weeks to the Selvedge Christmas Fair and not much longer to the festive break itself! I'm starting to feel all sparkly and fizzy just thinking about it... ! I'm also going to be doing another wee festive fair right here in Edinburgh, but I'll tell you all about that one later in the week... Until then I need to keep my nimble fingers hooking along making lots of lovely ladies to fill my stalls... :)

Before I nip off to do just that, I do hope you are loving today's wee collection from our fabulous Flickr pool 'all colours in'... I know I can't get enough of these hot neon pinks, scarlet reds and festive gold, an absolutely delicious combination! Oh, and Miss Leanda, of One Little Bird, is generously offering her welsh blanket inspired design (last picture) as free desktop download (also available in blue and green here if you're not partial to pink!).

Emma, x

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studio details : a cosy nook

I have shuffled my wee desk over into a cosy nook for winter working... :) | Emma Lamb
Delicate snippets, the start of my new moodboard space. | Emma Lamb

During my impromptu break last weekend I took it upon myself to shuffle a few things around my wee studio to create a cosy wee nook for lots of winter crafting. As well as wanting to move my desk away from the cold window (I love our old wooden sash and case windows but the can be a wee bit draughty at times) I also wanted a change from my mood board shelves as lovely as they are... so I trundled my desk (dragged more like, that thing is heavy!) into the perfect position with a lovely blank wall / brand new mood board to play with... my meagre washi tape collection is giddy at the prospect of lots of sticking!

shoptalk : selvedge christmas fair

My mam and me will be sharing a stall at the upcoming Selvedge Christmas Fair on Saturday 10th December 2011, 10am to 5pm | Emma Lamb

Hip, hip, hooray!!!

At last some exciting news about this year's Selvedge Christmas Fair... that is my lovely Mam and me will be sharing a wee stall at this fabulous festive event which is just under a month away now, yay!!! I'm so, so excited about this and not just because it will be my second appearance at Selvedge but because I am going with my Mam and her gorgeous knitted lovelies!

colour your monday happy

Vintage Italian Sconces by calloohcallay
FCK london fog handspun by Hard Days Knit
be both!! by E L K
small stitch hex (2) by clarabellacraft
fun in natures lights by knitalatte11
Image credits: 1. calloohcallay, 2. Hard Days Knit, 3. E L K, 4. clarabellacraft, 5. knitalatte11

Yikes... 'so what happened there then!?' I hear you enquire...
Oh dear, I must confess to not being quite as revitalised and refreshed as I thought I was last Monday morning... my 'raring-to-go-ness' just evaporated into thin air along with my blogging mojo. So there was nothing for it but to take a impromptu break, a moment of calm before the storm of excitement that will be the last push before a long and much anticipated seasonal break. I have much to tell this week so do keep a wee eye out for some lovely news... :)

But right now it is another wonderful Monday morning and I am particularly loving this wee collection of gorgeous images from our fabulous Flickr pool 'all colours in'. For me these lovely earthy colours with just a hint of sparkle, are a wee reminder that the autumn will soon be drawing to a close and something a wee bit more magical is on it's way... :)

Emma, x

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art crush : 'Home Sweet Home' by One Little Bird

Have you seen this perfectly granny chic styled 'Home Sweet Home' print by my dear friend Miss Leanda, of One Little Bird...
Home Sweet Home by One Little Bird | Emma Lamb
Isn't it gorgeous!?

It is Miss Leanda's newest giclee print inspired by kitschy vintage wallpaper designs. As well as this pink, gold and white edition it also comes in a lovely vibrant midnight blue and retro green colour way. I think both are really beautiful but this one here is my favourite and I'm putting it right at the top of my pretty prints wish list. Especially so since I don't already have a 'home sweet home' print and have been on the look out for a great one for as long as I can remember, this one is definitely a great one... !

Which one would you love to hang on your wall?

Emma, x

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