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A perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November. | Emma Lamb

One: the last of a delicious homemade bread and butter pudding (made with sultana scones instead of bread) that I have just scoffed for my lunch.

Two: all you fabulous advice about dear old Bertha, you guys have so many great ideas that I shall definitely be filing away for any future furniture refurbishment projects too. As for Bertha, I'm thinking there may be some glossy cream paint involved and a wee bit of wax... oh, and I'm thinking of these knobs as suggested by dear Miss Tif.

Three: This perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November... I then took upon myself to rescue from said garden after the wind damaged it's delicate stem, leaving it's pretty blooms teetering dangerously above the muddy ground...

A perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November. | Emma Lamb
A perfect peachy pink Gladioli stem which sprouted up in our garden this November. | Emma Lamb

Four: another fabulous thrifty find that had me giddy and almost breathless at the mere sight of them... I can only compare the moment to something like finding myself in a chocolate shop on a day of free tasting and being told there was an infinite supply of fresh mint tea! Thankfully I was able to keep control of myself long enough to grab them, gesture manically at my Man through the shop window and rush to the till to pay for the two most beautiful Arcopal bowls I have ever seen... ! Yes, I have seen many a pretty Arcopal bowl online but they were not nearly as lovely as these two, simply because I knew these two would be coming home with me... :)

Five: Last but not least and maybe not quite so peachy as Arcopal but still very peachy indeed... We have five lovely ladies in line for five complimentary tickets for the Selvedge Christmas Fair (all the fives, very peachy indeed how that one turned out!). Diana, Francesca, Dawn, Emma and Concetta, my Mam and I have a lovely ticket for the each of you, yay! If you lovely ladies could email me at 'emmalamb[at]easy[dot]com' with your addresses that would help me out hugely (I'm so very busy crocheting as you know) and I shall pop your tickets in the post asap!

Wising you all the most peachy day!
Emma, x

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  1. I am SO jealous of your Arcopal bowls!!!! :O They're gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Love those bowls!

    Thanks so much for the ticket, can't coming!
    Diana x

  3. Blooms and bowls both exceedingly peachy indeed!!!

  4. I've never seen peach gladioli before. They're so pretty as your bowls. I'm a little jealous too. Enjoy. x

  5. Love the bowls, and the rescued gladdys

  6. Loving all your peachiness Emma, that flower is stunning as are those lovely bowls, great find! :o)

  7. Love that Arcopal pattern - so pretty!

  8. specially cute and inspirational post today.

  9. Beautiful colours!!...and what do i see?...the same arcopal bowl as the one i saw in 'my' thriftstore two weeks ago...i didn't bought it because it was damaged.
    (and i hold on to the rule "if it's seriously damaged, don't buy it".
    And your gladioli is standing in a white vase (more like a opal glass bottle) which i bought in 'my' thriftstore yesterday!!...isn't that weird? or funny?

    Wish i had such a nice gladioli too to put in... ;-)



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