shoptalk : the market, Edinburgh

Ugh, what a miserable day it is here in Edinburgh this morning! Cold and wet, wild and windy and just plain bleh...
But while I am waiting in for a parcel to arrive (and feeling quite grateful that I don't have to go out in said miserable weather just yet!) I just remembered that I promised you lovelies some news of a another wee craft fair I'll be doing this Christmas...

I will be at The Market Christmas craft fair right here in Edinburgh on Saturday 17th December 2011, 12-5pm at St.Columba's by the Castle. Entry is free and I know there will be some yummy treats for you to enjoy while doing a wee spot of Christmas shopping. Please do pop along and say 'hello' if you are out and about... :) | Emma Lamb

The Market will be held at St.Columba's by the Castle on Saturday 17th December (the last shopping weekend before Christmas), from 12pm til 5pm. Entry is free and I know there are going to be lots of tasty treats to enjoy while you are browsing, you can find all the details of the other exhibitors up on the Facebook events page.

So if you are out and about in the city that day doing a wee spot of last minute shopping or just taking in some of the city's festive atmosphere, I would love for you to pop by and say 'hello'... :) It will be my last work day before taking a much needed break so I am looking forward to having a lot of fun and meeting lots of new folk, can't wait... !

Emma, x

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  1. Our weather is bleh too!!
    Oh how lovely it would be to drop into that little fair the week before Christmas in beautiful festive Edinburgh (sigh). :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Wish I could be there as it sounds wonderful. Hope it goes well.

  3. I love that shade of red for those garlands, delightful.

    Good luck with The Market!

  4. Good luck at selvedge and have fun! :)

    Edinburgh sure is up and down at the moment weather wise! I need some waterproof shoes!

    Might pop in and see u at the market next sat :) Im so silly not to get organised for any winter markets but got exams so thats my excuse!


  5. I MISS YOU! Your blog adds so much to my little world!

  6. Happy New Year Emma . Will look forward to your return and following your creative pursuits. Loved, loved Edinburgh, but too short a visit.

  7. Happy New year Emma!

    Hope you are well and happy. Look forward to your return to the blog land !


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