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I have shuffled my wee desk over into a cosy nook for winter working... :) | Emma Lamb
Delicate snippets, the start of my new moodboard space. | Emma Lamb

During my impromptu break last weekend I took it upon myself to shuffle a few things around my wee studio to create a cosy wee nook for lots of winter crafting. As well as wanting to move my desk away from the cold window (I love our old wooden sash and case windows but the can be a wee bit draughty at times) I also wanted a change from my mood board shelves as lovely as they are... so I trundled my desk (dragged more like, that thing is heavy!) into the perfect position with a lovely blank wall / brand new mood board to play with... my meagre washi tape collection is giddy at the prospect of lots of sticking!

I also decided to take the casters off my low shelves to upend them for some neater storage, you wouldn't believe how much more shelving space this seemed to create! They now work so much better for holding all my files, my most favourite books and lots of my pretty clutter that was residing on my desk. Now as well as having more space to work it feels like I have more space to breathe... it's very invigorating and the only place I want to be at the moment is there working, hence the late in the day post but kinda useful with Christmas Fairs looming... :)

Getting to work in my new cosy nook... I love it! | Emma Lamb
Details from my new cosy working nook. | Emma Lamb
Bertha has found the perfect spot under my wall shelves to show off her granny chic goodness | Emma Lamb

Oh, and now the lovely Bertha here (my fabby dresser rescued from the street back in the spring) is living quite contently and patiently under my wall shelves while I try to decide what to do with her. She is destined to be honoured with storing my yarn but it is her outer that I can't decide how to finish.
After stripping back her nasty varnish to reveal the beauty in her wood veneer (I love her flames!) I just can't decide what to do with her... a glossy coat of creamy white is one possibility but that would mean hiding that gorgeous wood. I'm not sure if a clear coat of varnish would work, oil is definitely not an option as it soaks into everything else too, but maybe a wax seal is the way to go...
Any suggestions would be most welcome... !?

Emma, x

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  1. OMG can I come and live in your house?? Beautiful :) x

  2. I love how you manage to make your workspace cosy yet fresh! I pinned it by the way ;)

  3. It looks great, very inspiring.
    Gorgeous little piles of colourful crochet. :)
    Don't you just love washi tape, I do!!
    Vivienne x!

  4. I love your workspace!! It look like just the place to be creative..x

  5. I love the new arrangement of your workspace, Emma! It definitely looks more cozy and organized :) That dresser is beautiful. I don't know what to advise--white paint would make it tie in with your other pieces of furniture, but it does have a lovely woodgrain on it...

  6. Have you considered tung oil? I would only buy from this company -
    This is what we will use to refinish our floors. It is supposed to cure.

  7. Keep it clear if it's good wood and add some really jazzy handles and see how it goes. if you choose to paint later then at least you've give the nude look a go...

  8. i wish i could be so tidy! How about a very pale wash of colour for your lovely lady, if you use an acrylic eggshell & a very dry brush then once it has dried give it another sanding & the lovely grain will come back through but the paint will be enough to protect it...rxx

  9. Oh. If only I had the tiniest bit of space for a crafting area remotely like this.... Lovely space. Proper jealous.

  10. Very nice space you have there. Looks like a nice place to work in. Enjoy!

  11. How very creative! Love your studio :)

  12. I know I've already commented on your space on flickr but it's just sooooo lovely I had to leave another one! I'm thinking that perhaps to keep the natural look on the dresser, it is truly beautiful and I wouldn't want to lose that, go for wax, perhaps even beeswax? at least it'll feed the wood! :)

  13. Wow - your space is sparkling and fresh! I wish I could keep things as neat and organized as you. It's a beautiful space - I'm feeling waves of inspiration just looking at it!

  14. What a lovely and sweet place, great for creation!!
    Thank you for sharing!


  15. You could do a whitewash, that way the grain will still show. Great workroom!

  16. It looks so nice and cozy...a perfect place to snuggle in and work.
    Chris :o)

  17. Bertha is beautiful, what a find! She doesn't have to be coated, wood wears so nicely and any stubborn marks can be gentley handed off, all it needs is some gorgeous handles!


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