colour your monday happy

Vintage Italian Sconces by calloohcallay
FCK london fog handspun by Hard Days Knit
be both!! by E L K
small stitch hex (2) by clarabellacraft
fun in natures lights by knitalatte11
Image credits: 1. calloohcallay, 2. Hard Days Knit, 3. E L K, 4. clarabellacraft, 5. knitalatte11

Yikes... 'so what happened there then!?' I hear you enquire...
Oh dear, I must confess to not being quite as revitalised and refreshed as I thought I was last Monday morning... my 'raring-to-go-ness' just evaporated into thin air along with my blogging mojo. So there was nothing for it but to take a impromptu break, a moment of calm before the storm of excitement that will be the last push before a long and much anticipated seasonal break. I have much to tell this week so do keep a wee eye out for some lovely news... :)

But right now it is another wonderful Monday morning and I am particularly loving this wee collection of gorgeous images from our fabulous Flickr pool 'all colours in'. For me these lovely earthy colours with just a hint of sparkle, are a wee reminder that the autumn will soon be drawing to a close and something a wee bit more magical is on it's way... :)

Emma, x

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  1. What a pretty collection! Hope your Mojo returns soon, but in the meantime breif appearances are always welcome.
    Love those where could I instal some of those!!

  2. Thank you lovely Jenny... :)

    Yes, I am wondering the same thing... but as I am seriously lacking in any beautiful wall sconces they could go pretty much anywhere... just so long as I hang them when my Man isn't looking... ;)


  3. Lovely images, and thank you for the link to mine. Looking forward to hearing your news.

  4. That yarn is so beautiful. I love your colorful mondays, it gives me something to look forward to!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. happy monday to you!! thanks for featuring my simple stone with these lovlies!!


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