my wee man, super cute!

I think it may have just dawned on Spanner that his furry wee face hasn't been featured around here as much as he would like it to. So yesterday and today he has been doing his best to get noticed by turning up the cute... I doubt it was no coincidence that I had my camera in hand just at the right moment!?

hello! / my wee man Spanner | Emma Lamb

This was yesterdays (successful) attempt at getting snapped. While trying to document my progress on a project I'm working on, up popped this cute wee face. Of course once he realised I was in a gullible mood for doing just as he demanded he turned up the cute even more and proceeded to stand there shivering until I enquired... 'Are you cold?' which he responded with yet more violent shivering until I went and found his favourite blanket to wrap him up in. So sweet, yet so cunning!

Then this morning, after I had found another of his blankets and carefully laid it out on my bed for him to sunbathe, he saw another perfect opportunity arise. While busy organising a bunch of laundry I laid my freshly washed crochet blanket over the end of the bed and went off to tidy a few other things. Upon my return I found this...

snoozing / my wee man Spanner | Emma Lamb

His majesty here had noted said freshly washed blanket, smelling fresh and sweet and looking particularly granny chic. He then deemed that his 'dog blanket' was beneath his royal self and snuggled up on my crochet goodness. Do you note how he only used it as his pillow and didn't get right in the middle of it? I think that was quite cunning too... if he was going for optimum cuteness, he certainly achieved it!

Now I'm heading off to make the most out of the rest of today's great light and snap a few more things I want to share with you all over the next few days. Until then I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Emma, x

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  1. What a cutie! Until recently, pretty much all the blogs I was following were dog-related then, as I became more addicted to my sewing machine I started to discover the whole colorful world of crafty blogs. I just came across you yesterday and started to follow and here you go combining my two loves!

  2. Too cute! My mastiff likes to use hos bed as a pillow :)

  3. Tres cunning indeed! He is just too cute! :-)

  4. You could get lost in those eyes, I figure Spanner could get away with just about anything, he's so cute!! :)
    Lucky him getting to sunbathe, I would be happy with a glimpse of the sun never mind bathe in it!
    Vivienne x

  5. Hehe, thank you my lovelies... :)

    My wee man does get away with a lot but I'm learning to resist those big brown eyes... well, occasionally anyway!

    In Black and White ~ there are so many crafters I know with wee furry (and feathery) companions of some sort... you would be hard pushed to find someone who hasn't got a wee pal... :)

    Emma, x

  6. Love how his cute little paw is on the blanket, too. :) What a sweetie!
    x Katherine

  7. Hi Emma ~ I just wanted to pop in and say how I love your colour palettes ~ I have been sneaking in to peep at them for a while, and thought it high time I said 'Hello'! Oh, the doggy cuteness is rather nice too!

  8. we have a spaniel as well, when I climb out of bed in the morning he hops in and snuggles next to my partner in the warm place I have just left. He especially loves crisp white sheets!

  9. Awwwwww, spaniels and crochet ... what's not to love?


  10. He really is so gorgeous :) Kx

  11. That pup is a sweetie, and has impeccable taste in where he chooses to lay his head.


  12. What a sweet little fellow! My pup follows me around too, and it seems that every photo I take of knitty or crocheted things I've made has a puppy foot or nose in it ;).
    Gorgeous blankie - do you mind sharing the pattern you used?


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