colour your monday happy...

Autumn Light... by fionajonesphotography
Study 2- one hundred miniatures by annamariapotamiti
My not so cute clothespins. by {maira.gall}
Autumn by found and sewn
frogged balls by cauchy09

Image credits: 1. fionajonesphotography, 2. annamariapotamiti, 3. {maira.gall}, 4. found and sewn, 5. cauchy09

The clocks have changed and the nights are dark, there are pumpkins in the kitchen and popcorn waiting to be popped. There are no parties but there will be candles, wine (probably crochet too) and maybe a spooky film or two on the box... and I'm wondering how I can persuade my man to watch something a wee bit more bone chilling than the Nightmare Before Christmas!?

Happy Halloween... !
Emma, x

ps ~ Google has a great wee doodle today... :)

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  1. That top photo is so beautiful!
    Who would have thought it ~ duck egg blue pumpkins!! :)
    Happy Halloween,
    Vivienne x

  2. I can't get enough of that mustard/ochre colour at the moment. Fab photos thanks. C.x

  3. So lovely to have my picture included...thanks... :)) x

  4. Those pumpkins are such amazing colors. Lovely pictures thanks for sharing!

  5. Oooh, an interesting collection, Emma!

  6. Thank you so much Emma- so lovely to see my artwork in such a gorgeous collection of images-

  7. thanks for using my pumpkin photo in this post!looks great x


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