colour your monday happy...

Pointillism Embroidery Hoop Art by whatnomints
IMG_7934 by iridee├źn
rag weave cut offs by Avalanche Looms
DWR Hand Quilting Detail by carriestrine
Stone-and-Slate by The Colour of Ideas

Image credits: 1. whatnomints, 2. iridee├źn, 3. Avalanche Looms, 4. carriestrine, 5. The Colour of Ideas

Really... Monday... already... !?
I have such a lazy Sunday morning feeling going on today and would be quite happy to stay in my pjs all morning with tea and crochet in bed... but today I have my man home ill with an icky head cold and of course there is the wee pup who will need his walks and the world outside my window is looking less than inviting with the wild rainstorm that has just started... ugh!

Oh well, I have lots of crochet plans that I want to make a start on (that is if I can put down my latest hooking obsession, whose tweedy loveliness is growing steadily) and that will be the perfect way to add a few snippets of colour to today's dreariness... Much like today's lovely collection of images from our fabulous Flickr group 'all colours in'. Oh, I do love me a few wee snippets... :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday,
Emma, x

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  1. Another gorgeous post. Thank you. x

  2. Isn't that quilt stunning, just beautiful!!
    We need all the colour help we can get as we have definitely reached the grey end of the year! :(
    Be careful you don't catch that cold!
    Vivienne x

  3. Thanks for the color blast to brighten up the morning! I know exactly how you feel. A couple of hours extra blanket time would have been lovely today, but I'm dogsitting for my friend's two and one insists on crying to go out at 5:30AM EVERY morning. Sigh.

  4. Thanks for using one of my images for colour your monday happy. I look forward to this post every Monday and this made it extra special today. :)

  5. Wonderful pics. Such inspiration!

  6. Loving the painted stone - Thanks a bunch for allowing my little hoop to make your Monday a little brighter :)


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