colour your monday happy...

P6160028 by Claire Leggett the princess bed by annalea hart window by JarkaOnd sweet colours by stof enzo Warten in Beesem by Mareike Scharmer
Image credits: 1. Claire Leggett, 2. annalea hart, 3. JarkaOnd, 4. stof enzo, 5. Mareike Scharmer

Good morning... !

Okay, okay, I hold my hands up and confess to skiving off (or 'playing hooky' as you might know it!?) last week! It was just too lovely not to with the Indian summer that has found it's way to our shores. So maybe it didn't last long here compared to some parts as we had quite a miserable weekend by comparison, but I'm not bitter... Okay, I confess again! Maybe just a wee bit bitter... but bitter like a really delicious dark chocolate! (Not that that makes any sense what-so-ever but I'm practising positivity and thinking of all the things that make me smile... :) )

Anyhoo... today's collection from our fabulous 'all colours in' Flickr pool is in honour of the Indian Summer that I know many of you will still be enjoying today. Promise me you will make the most of it because before you know it the frost and the snow will be nipping at our toes and fingers and noses... ;)

A wonderful day to you all,
Emma, x

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  1. Great, colorful pics - and I´m really trying to make the most of it as the fall here in Sweden is warmer than usual. :-)

  2. Sorry you missed out on the heat this weekend Emma, hope you consoled yourself with plenty of goodies! I can't stay cos I'm taking your advice and heading off on my bike for a ride along the seafront. Lovely!
    Have a good week. ♥

  3. wow, I want a bus shelter like that near me!! would be so great. thank you for sharing.

  4. Awesome find with the last pic, M Scharmer. I read it as a colorful shed and coud see it as a bus stop to. Time to start embellishing with your color post inspiration. Matti

  5. Thanks for using my photo - happy dance! :)

  6. No Indian summer here either Emma, I am bitter, very!!
    Love the brights today.:)
    Vivienne x

  7. As usual, you are a great spot for finding great inspiration.

  8. Pretty pretty pictures! I think you've captured the lovely weather we had the past few days perfectly... I was stuck inside the office because of quarter end. When I got out it was already dark. Oh well. I'm glad you had a chance to enjoy it!


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