colour palette : patchwork leaves

colour palette : patchwork leaves, curated by Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Karin A ~, 2. Rosa Pomar, 3. StitchedInColor, 4. hannah * honey & jam, 5. un arc en ciel dans le lavabo, 6. marañón

I am quite smitten with these leafy finds and patchwork patterns I've found on Flickr recently. While I love the contrast of the rigid geometry in the patchwork with the meandering lines of the leaf edges, I also love the way the colour brings them together to make a harmonious collection. Apart from the odd bright pops of orange the muted moodiness of this palette is drawing me in, I like that these more earthen tones are soothing and inviting.

It's actually taken me a few attempts to get the balance of this one to work. At first I had snippets of purples and much brighter greens in there too which obscured the earthy essence of these beautiful images. Sometimes it's too easy to get carried away with throwing every colour in - I know I can do that a lot! Even if they are pretty and make for a great palette, sometimes it's better to stop yourself and step back to really see what it is that is inspiring you. To be able to see the bigger picture as well as the wee details.

Happy Friday,
Emma, x

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  1. Pretty! Those orange leaves are so gorgeously captured in picture #4. Thanks for including me, Emma!

  2. Lovely, especially the middle row. :)
    Happy weekend Emma,
    Vivienne x


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