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a perfect sunny day by erica hogenbirk knitwear etsy sneak pee 2. by {brooke} april two eighty little joy by knitalatte11 the bench by rainingsheep 等待月亮 by 甜心莎莉 (Waiting for the moon by Sweet Sally)

Image credits: 1. erica hogenbirk knitwear, 2. {brooke} april two eighty, 3. knitalatte11, 4. rainingsheep, 5. 甜心莎莉 (Sweet Sally)

Good morning... !

Today when I hopped on over to our fabulous 'all colours in' Flickr pool I found this perfect combination of black and grey inspired images just waiting for me on the front page... I do love it when that happens! They do have a lovely autumnal vibe too but without being full of traditional motifs and colours such as orange pumpkins and whatnot. Yes there is one lovely autumn leaf, captured so perfectly by knitalatte11, that she has paired with delicate white flowers and those black berries. But this hint of traditional mixed with lots of neutral black and grey makes for a more 'grown up' approach to autumn colour and beauty... at least I think so!

Oh, and I do love Sweet Sally's Waiting for the moon as it captures something about the autumn that I have a love hate relationship with. Yep those miserable dark nights when the rain is pouring which I hate but they do provide such perfect opportunities for such beautiful night bokeh shots as this... I am sure I have said this before but I do love a wee bit of bokeh!

Wishing you all a fabulous Monday,
Emma, x

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post on this sunny monday! I am honored!

  2. Grey is a favourite of mine at this time of year too!
    I have a hate/hate relationship with dark evenings though!!
    Happy colourful week Emma!
    Vivienne x

  3. I love a little bit of bokeh too and didn't even know about it! Thanks for the intro/link.
    Agreed wet short days are the down side of autumn/winter. Just as well there are good sides to balance out. Annabelle x


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