colour palette : button stash

colour palette : button stash, curated by Emma Lamb / photograph © emma lamb
Happy, happy Friday my everyone! I hope all of you have had a fabulous week!?

I feel like I have been super busy catching up with everything after having a few days off last week but it has been great, kinda hectic but in a good way. Oh, and I am so thrilled you all love my Pretty Peggy Garland pattern. Thank you so much for all your kind words of support they really do mean so much to me, you guys are fab!

As you are all rummaging through your gorgeous button stashes as part of my wee giveaway I thought I would have a wee rummage through mine and see what inspiration I could find for today's colour palette. This wee collection features some of my favourite vintage plastic buttons. See those two large floral moulded blue ones and the the two white carved flower ones? I adore them! Those I know will be in my collection forever because it will have to be a cold day in hell before I even consider parting with them. Hehe, so don't expect to see them on a cushion any time soon!

I particularly love the contrast of muted blues and greys with the bright red and green in these vintage buttons, At first I wasn't sure these colours would hold together well in a palette but after a lot of fiddling and twiddling with the arrangement everything seemed to fall into place and hey presto! I love it just as much as those delicious buttons.

Oh, warning! I am about to toot my own trumpet again... This morning I was so excited to see a few of my lovely ladies featured over on the UK Handmade website in a wee craft profile article dedicated to crochet. Yay!

Well my lovelies, I am off to finish up a few more bits 'n' pieces before signing off for the evening. So I shall wish you all a wonderful weekend!
Emma, x

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  1. humm ! certains ressemblent à des bonbons.

  2. these are super! i love the flowery blue ones too :)

  3. swoon ~~ lovely buttons ..happy to see your feature Emma!!

  4. Your buttons are adorable and I love the colour palettes!

  5. Congratulations on Spoonful, Emma! This button post is very sweet. I have some buttons that I really should indulge. Fingers crossed.

  6. Lovely buttons and a lovely color palette!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Adorable buttons. Where do I get those or are they vintage? Color palette is also gorgeous. Besides I love your mini-crochet pincushions. ♥

  8. Oh, I'm sorry. They are vintage, it's all written down. ;) So no chance to buy them anywhere...


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