Celebrate Color : my autumn favourites

Hello my friends, I do hope you are all having a lovely Sunday afternoon!?
I'm having a quiet one today. While my man is feeling a wee bit under the weather with a wee cold I'm happily crocheting a custom order and pottering around the interweb looking for lovely finds to add to my wee Pinterest pages.

As part of Celebrate Color I have started a brand new 'currently loving' board dedicated to all things 'autumn / fall'. A wee place where I can gather together all the images that make me think of autumn, whether that is colours, clothes, art, activities, home decor, recipes, projects or supplies. Absolutely anything that makes me think 'Oooh, that would be perfect for the autumn!'
So far I have bagged myself over 100 delicious pins and have gathered a few of my top faves together into some very yummy mood boards. Enjoy!

My autumn favourites as part of the Celebrate Color festivities | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. two spoons, 2. unitedthread, 3. Honeytree, 4. Sophie Digard via Needleprint

Colours: rhubarb pink, olive green, warm grey, cream, rich russet and silvery sage.

As well as the fabulous show that is the changing colours of the leaves, for me autumn is about those other simple pleasures like wearing my favourite scarves (I so wish I had one of these Sophie Digard pieces!) while taking long walks to appreciate said leafy show. Maybe while we're out picking up some seasonal fruit such as rhubarb, apples, pears or plums and making something hearty, delicious and sweet with them once we get home... :)


My autumn favourites as part of the Celebrate Color festivities | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. stepanka, 2. Jayson Home via Design*Sponge, 3. Sweetnellie, 4. Whitaker Photography

Colours: warm olive, rusty red, deep ochre yellow, cobalt, gold, vintage cream, soft teal and taupe.

But of course if it is a dull and soggy Sunday afternoon and those heavy rainclouds aren't budging then what could be more lovely than brewing a pot of tea and curling up on the sofa with a spot of crochet!? I know I do this quite often anyway as there are lots of soggy Sunday afternoons here in Scotland (as well you know!) but in the autumn it's that much sweeter because I'm not bitter or moaning about the lack of summer this year!


My autumn favourites as part of the Celebrate Color festivities | Emma Lamb
Image credits: 1. Three Sheep Studio, 2. mowielicious, 3. Alexandra Grablewski, 4.=anja=

Colours: deep plum purple, charcoal grey, rich berry red, golden yellow, indigo and warm vanilla cream.

Of course now I'm back to those delicious fruit puddings again, I think crumbles are my favourite especially when they're straight from the oven and they are topped with a dollop of lovely vanilla ice cream that starts to melt right into that sugary topping. so delicious! Oh, and don't forget comfy woollen cardigans, whether you've made your own in that snugly yarn you had stashed away for so long or maybe one that you just couldn't resist when you were out shopping because you made the mistake of trying it on and of course that was it, you just couldn't bear the thought of taking it off again until at least next spring!


So now that you know a wee bit more about the things I think of when someone mentions 'autumn' and all the beautiful colours this wonderful season conjures in my mind. I would like to know what it makes you think of too? I would love it if you guys would join in and put together a wee post of your own with either pictures, thoughts or mood boards. Maybe you've already started an autumn Pinterest board and you'd like to share some of your favourite colours and images from it? Come on, it would be great for me to see someone else's take on colour inspiration for a change! Once you have written your lovely wee post please do let me know down in the comments section and I'll pop by for a read.

Oh, and you can also add your posts with a clever wee link at the bottom of the Celebrate Color {inspiration} page. Have fun!

Emma, x

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Emma. The colours and images chosen are stunning. Particularly, love the crochet scarf. Gorgeous!

  2. hi!
    I published a quick post on my blog this morning of my love for autumn! http://bit.ly/qoEO0h

    I have to say I totally agree on all your loves of autumn, we actually have an apple crumble sitting in the oven now, made with apples we picked this afternoon :)

    ps. we lived in Edinburgh for 10 years and loved reliving the festival through your photos, but while we were there I was one of those people trying to walk through it every morning and evening to and from work, like your other half! Didn't love it so much then ;)

  3. i am always quite jittery about the thought of losing summer...losing the long light days and the potential for warmth...but am more than happy to embrace autumn once it is on it's way.

    ps...mentioned you on my blogpost today ;-)


  4. What a pleasure it is to experience autumn through your eyes, Emma. I can get lost in the clever way you mix more subtle colors to create such a lovely mood. I really enjoy all three boards and can't choose a favorite, though I try. Thank-you for this post!

  5. quick addition as i didn't realise the link wouldn't work, sorry!

    the address is


  6. Lovely subtle colours, love the way you piece things together. Love looking at all your posts :)

  7. beautiful colours and gorgeous teacups!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    How goes autumn, not too cold i hope?
    And has Spoonful gotten to you yet?????? So exciting!


  8. yummy mauve and fall colors! i love autumn!!

  9. Your Fall inspirations are all lovely! I'm joining in Celebrate Color, too!!! It's going to be fun!

  10. Lovely post!!! I was born in September, so autumn is my favourite season, and in my opinion: autumn has the best colours :-)


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