Celebrate Color : delicious yarn

Good morning! Are you all ready for some squishy deliciousness of the yummy yarn variety!?

As part of the Celebrate Colour festivities I foolishly appointed myself the arduous task of trawling the isles of Etsy and the internet to find a collection of stunning yarns from some great independent dyers and spinners. I say foolishly because I have some serious yarn envy going on now, seeing all those sumptuously coloured skeins of wool, silk, alpaca and bamboo made me realise how un-colourful and puny my own stash actually is. Although I am pretty sure there would be some disagreements if I mentioned that wee fact to the man in my life! Anyhoo, of all the yarns and stores I looked I have picked out a few favourites to show you today. I am sure you will have already discovered some of them yourself, I know they have been in my favourites for as long as I can remember, but hopefully there are a couple of new ones too...

I'm guessing a lot of folk will have already heard of Fyberspates, but there is no way I could do a yarn post such as this and not include their Scrumptious collection. I am a huge fan of solid colours in particular and this range is full to bursting with rich saturated tones, even the pastel shades like 'baby pink' seem to ooze colour. It is a blend of 45% silk and 55% merino which makes it a really soft yarn but with a gentle sheen. - (Find them on Ravelry here).

hand dyed Scrumptious yarn range from Fyberspates | Emma Lamb

On the Round...
On the Round is a new wee Etsy shop to me but as soon as I saw the muted pastels of Rachel's hand spun merino yarns I loved them. I think the colours are perfect for late autumn / early winter and think a chunky cowl would look perfect in any of her yarns. Lovely! - (Find them on Ravelry here).

handspun yarns from On the Round | Emma Lamb

Wild Fire Fibres...
Oh Wild Fire Fibres, such a great Etsy shop for semi solid hand dyed yarns. I am particularly coveting these four colours currently available -Silverdale, Harvest Gold (Light), Redwood and India. Apart from the alpaca and silk blend Redwood that is a lace weight, they are all 4ply merino and silk blends making them perfect for cosy socks. I just wish I was better at working with dpn's! Hmmm, maybe a wee shawl scarf instead then? - (Find them on Ravelry here).

hand dyed yarns from Wild Fire Fibres | Emma Lamb

Kitty Grrlz...
As we are celebrating all things to do with autumn and autumnal colours I just had to include Kitty Grrlz hand spun bamboo and Falkland wool yarns. The rich yellow, orange and olive immediately made me think of fields of pumpkins and woodland walks with colourful crunchy leaves underfoot. Oh, and I just adore the colours in Woodland Holiday. I think I would happily have that one just so I could admire it! - (Find them on Ravelry here).

hand spun and hand dyed yarns from Kitty Grrlz | Emma Lamb

Juno Fibre Arts...
Juno Fibre Arts is another Etsy shop that has been in my favourites since the moment I discovered them. At the moment the shop is full of delicious superwash merino sock yarns in those most lovely earthy colours including lots of peachy pinks, browns, olive, grey, plum and taupe. Absolutely perfect for a wee spot of autumnal knitting and crochet! - (Find them on Ravelry here).

hand dyed yarns from Juno Fibre Arts | Emma Lamb

Of course I am barely scraping the surface here when is comes to all the fabulous indie yarn brands that are out there so it is impossible to include them all here today. So I have started yet another new Pinterest board, one that is dedicated entirely to 'delicious yarns'. I did have a similar one in the past but kinda lost my way with it, but now I seem to have a new found enthusiasm for searching out yarny goodness. Oh, and if there are any other indie brands you think we should all know about please do a leave a wee link in the comments so we can check them out too.

Emma, x

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  1. Oh Emma, what a wonderful post! Thank you so much for these suggestions and the links. They are just gorgeous :) Kx

  2. Wow, those Kitty bamboo yarns look yummy! Maybe I'm willing to accept the arrival of Autumn after all.. Hx

  3. Sigh! Oh Emma, now I want them all!
    Such beautiful yarns!
    Vivienne x

  4. I want, I want, I want .......... what fab yarns. They make my fingers itch to touch and use them. x

  5. stunning color~ such a soft rainbow of texture !

  6. Thank you very much for this post. It's always good to discover new yarns and shops :D

  7. oh wow, I must stay away from the shops! I want all of it! great post :)

  8. Great list! You picked some great sources. I also love GLBLF on etsy (from the ever-awesome Aquaknits!). I cannot wait for my self-imposed yarn diet to come to an end!

  9. hi!
    thank you so much for featuring my yarns in this wonderful yarn post! i appreciate it! since the pumpkin and olive colors sold so quickly, i WILL have two more skeins of each color listed soon!
    thank you again for including me amongst these wonderful yarns!
    bobbi - kittygrrlz

  10. beautiful yarns! thanks for the post, emma!

  11. Oh my goodness! You've just made me remember why I love yarn so much.

  12. Hi Emma
    I love following your blog, it's people like you that inspire so many of us. Can you explain for me what Pinterest is?
    Best Wishes Liz

  13. Hello liz,

    Thank you so much for your kind words... :)

    Pinterest is an online bookmarking tool whre you can create moodboards of all the fabulous things you find on line. With a wee tool that you add to your browser you can 'pin' images you find that you love and the handy thing is that Pinterest will also save the link for you, so you will always be able to find the original source of your image.

    I hope this helps... !?

    Emma, x


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