art & illustration : paper butterflies by Elouise Hall

These delicate collaged artworks by London based artist Eloise Hall. I stumbled across this beautiful 'Butterfly Garden' piece when I was catching up with a few things around Facebook yesterday. I followed a couple of links, as you do, and found myself with my nose pressed up against her virtual shop window at Not on the Highstreet.

Eloise Hall, paper artist | Emma Lamb

I am completely smitten with the simplicity of these collages and Eloise's understated use of colour. It makes these tiny wee birds and butterflies (and Koi Carp!) look like jewels in a sea of white and I love that when you look closer you see the pretty patterns of the origami papers she uses.

But what really makes these pieces for me is knowing that each and every paper motif has been hand cut and collaged, then finished with hand drawn details. I know that all us handmade artists (and lovers of handmade, of course!) will be able to appreciate the depth of beauty this gives a piece of artwork like this... :)

Eloise Hall, paper artist | Emma Lamb
All images: Eloise Hall / website : shop

Wishing you all a beautiful day,
Emma, x

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  1. Oh beautiful!! How could they ever cease making you happy, love your choices, love Posie

  2. Beautiful! I love how when your on the internet you can stumble onto something wonderful!

  3. I love butterflies. I just saw loads of them today! :)

  4. Hi Emma,

    Just discovered you blog. How inspirational it is! Those collage's look great.

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. I love the resurgence of fine paper arts..

    beautiful work.

  6. I ♥ collages! Thanks for the links.

  7. So gorgeous! I wish I was this creative... or I had a ton of money to buy all these lovely things. I'd fill my house to the brim with them. :)
    Thanks for all of the inspiration and joy on your blog - I just found it and am loving every post!!


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